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    Depends. I got a "large SUV" but got it from my dad, worked to pay it back ever since. When he bought it was mostly due to the fact that is a real offroader also and since he a tall guy he could feel good inside. I myself am a bit shorter, still looks wierd when you see me getting out of the big SUV.

    But I would say with big car comes big responsability, like I understand that I don't need to drive careful because of myself but because of others also, since if a regular or small car hits me, chances are they will be in the hospital a lot while I will only get a few bruises. This also adds to the aspect of "safety", some people buy SUV's for that also, just in case, so they can actually survive.

    Parking is harder, but once you get it you will adjust. Also when going back to a regular car you will be amazed on how many viable parking spaces you will find. That being said since in my country we have parking spaces even smaller then EU regulated ones (dunno why) when I go to the mall I always pick a spot near a wall or a pillar. So I could have a bit more room, if I park it in between two cars, chances are I can get out, but my passenger can't or the passenger side car driver can't get in.

    Gas prices, well like stated before, since im european it has a diesel engine, a very good one to be fair, even amazed how good the engine and transmission is, I get about 12 l/km max (19.6 MPG) in the city and 7-8 l/km (29.4 MPG) on the freeway or more to say B-road types. Keep in mind the car has about 2.300ish kg with just myself in. So it's a bit heavy.

    On the speeding part, depends if I am in a hurry or not. Also if I know the road it helps a lot, since I know where I can min-max the speed and overtake some cars and so on. Also I do have to keep a bit of distance at night as the double xenon headlamps almost x-rays the car in front if I like tailgate. Also don't to tailgate since it means you need to be that more responsive to what happends in front of you. And since most SUV's have a proper engine, overtaking isn't a problem, so you could leave space, then accelerate and overtake, no need to tailgate to min-max the space like you would do with a lesser powerfull car.

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    so true, love it, especially that part about the emblem of calvin lol

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    I don't own a pick-up but still, I can't stand driving the exact speed limit or anything lower than it. 6 MPH over the limit is what I usually sit at, just because I find that's about as much as I can get away with. The higher the limit the higher I go over. So if it's a 25 I roll at around 31, if it's a 70 I usually sit @ 78ish

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    I dont speed in my truck. I drive a servicebody truck that weighs about 7000 pounds. Im normally 5-10mph under the limit

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    See, my problem is that people in pickups tend to go ridiculously under the speed limit.

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    I've yet to see a trend in pick up trucks speeding.

    However, I am sick of semi trucks acting like they own the road, driving on my ass or driving at half the speed-limit through no-pass zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    I've yet to see a trend in pick up trucks speeding.

    However, I am sick of semi trucks acting like they own the road, driving on my ass or driving at half the speed-limit through no-pass zones.
    Or merging into your lane and almost cleaning you up.

    When I become dictator of the world, trucks will restrict themselves to the right lane at all times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Or merging into your lane and almost cleaning you up.

    When I become dictator of the world, trucks will restrict themselves to the right lane at all times.
    Or trying to overtake another semi truck, both almost at top speed. Feels like a turtle trying to overtake another turtle.

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    The question: Why do pick-up truck drivers ALWAYS speed? is as it's meant interchangeable. You can replace pick-up with any brand, and/or any type of car. And you will always be as right or as wrong as it gets... It's a generalization, period. Replace the word pick-up with anything more fitting like jerk, idiot, asshole etc..
    Then you have a better match.
    Another ballgame would be, why the hell are there so many pick-ups and SUV's on America's roads. It's borderline insanity.... If I had to guess.. only 1 or out 100 who has either one of the two types has it because they need it. Everyone else only seems to compensate for a little shortcoming below the waistline. And their behavior in traffic more than often reflects that. Doesn't have to be speeding. Just simply being a dick...
    My problem with pick-ups isn't speeding really. It's that many act and believe they are sitting in a 30 tons semi truck. They don't comprehend how incredibly unsafe and flimsy those pick-ups are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goobernoob View Post
    or perhaps they need to move stuff that wont fit in a car or van from time to time
    Or maybe situations like these

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humbugged View Post
    i believe the reason they speed is called "confirmation bias".

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    Come on man, they have important lawns to go mow. THEY GOT PLACES TO BE!

    I remember one time I was in the left hand lane of the highway going 75 or so, and this idiot in one comes up behind me, tailgates for a while, then switches lanes to speed around me, and straight cut me off, the back of his truck coming within a few inches of me.

    It was the one time I wished I was in one of my older cars from my younger years that I didn't give much of a shit about dents and scratches in them. I would have sped up and spun him into the guard rail.
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    I always notice Taxi drivers speeding like crazy everywhere. I once had a Taxi journey home from the nearest city, was about a 30mile (ish) ride. He drove down the motorway at over 100mph the whole way, including driving over the cats eyes in the middle of the lanes, the noise coming from the tyres and the vibration in the car was ridiculous, we were sitting in the car looking at each other laughing thinking "is this guy serious?"

    We got off the motorway and he had a puncture (big surprise?), so we had to wait on the side of the road in the middle of winter freezing our asses off while another taxi came to pick us up, as the other taxi came towards us he did a fucking handbrake turn to help him turn around faster in the road.

    I was pretty speechless at that point. And as crazy and unlikely as this story may sound it doesn't seem to be that uncommon. Taxi drivers here.
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    I don't believe in generalizing, ever. But I did experience a speeding pick-up truck lately.
    It's a rare sight where I'm from but the last tuesday (I think, doesn't matter) I saw a pick-up truck driving on an open road and damn was he speeding... There were a big cloud of snow behind him, it looked really cinematic, that's why I remember it.

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    Being in South Florida, it seems like EVERYONE here for the winter from up north drives like crap.

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    Err, I speed quite a lot - doesn't matter what vehicle I'm in.

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    So lemme get this straight, you seeing several speeding pickups while you drive your what, hour or two a day drive is enough proof that all pickup drivers speed during the remaining 22 hours? Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. Now onto the "compensating" talk, I hear that I couldn't possibly want to drive a vehicle that looks good, rides nice, has plenty of space for work or play, can haul five people comfortably, and is reliable/durable enough for when I have to pull idiots out if ditches on snowy days means I have a small pecker? What was that about anecdotal evidence?

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    I would try to refute this but the people I know that have pick up trucks are atrocious drivers. It really scares me and I try to steer clear of ever riding with them. Hell my uncle blew out my car's brakes after driving it one day without my permission I might add. Good thing I didn't make it out of the driveway before I noticed I had no brake pressure.

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    Foamy FTW! But yeah, I see it myself. I was going down the interstate over the holidays last year and had a pickup on my tail. I was going through a construction zone GOING 10 MPH FASTER THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO and still this turd flashed his lights for me to move out of the way. I did not, . He finally had a way around me and passed me then gave me the bird. I returned in kind with my brights.

    Does this happen all the time, no. But it happens too often.
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    The pick up truck drivers that drive at the speed limit do not attract your attention, Therefor you do not add them to your memory.
    The ones that are driving recklessly do attract your attention and therefore you add them to your memory.
    Now because your only able to remember the ones that are speeding due to them attracting your attention and you remembering them, you are under the assumption that all truck drivers are speeding.

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