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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuppy View Post
    Well yes I have. I actually stole a pack of condoms when I was like 7... There was a pack of these strawberry taste and the pack had a huge strawberry on them ._.
    Continue your story pls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruyaka View Post
    Why not?
    Not much more reason than not having to? I'm not saying i wouldn't ever! I guess it seems that way by how i phrased it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mifuyne View Post
    You are into the pink strawberry flavoured ones aren't ya?!
    No experience with flavored condoms really.

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    The first time was from a vending machine in the restroom of my then local pub. Now I just purchase them from the supermarket, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, really. It shows you actually give a monkeys about yours and other people's sexual health.
    Back to your bridge, you evil Troll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuppy View Post
    Well yes I have. I actually stole a pack of condoms when I was like 7... There was a pack of these strawberry taste and the pack had a huge strawberry on them ._.
    Sounds you stole the wrong kind of strawberry chewing gums my friend.

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    Yes. My girlfriend and I take turns buying packs. lol

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    Yeah of course I bought condoms before. Several times.

    I don't see the issue here, it just shows you are sexually active.

    People selling you that stuff simply don't care.

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    no i havent
    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
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    yeah, the first time i was pretty worried/scared, but now thinking about it it's kinda funny that i was at all embarrased about it.

    If you're that worried just use self serve checkout.

    In saying that a lot of people that come into the store i work at and buy condoms are generally funny about it and like to tell me how "they're getting some tonight" but i guess that comes from me having a good relationship with locals and frequent customers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ambivalence View Post
    Nothing to be shy about, 99% of the time the cashier won't care. I worked for Target for awhile and the only time I wanted to say something was to be an ass. Teenage chick came to the register with condoms and a pregnancy test, and I assume the dude putting it in her. Struggled hard not to smile and say something like "A lil late for these eh?"
    Indeed 99% the times and even when they do, the majority of it is fun/cool. As if it's a male clerk, I even had him "recommend" me a new version, and a female clerk once smiled and asked us if we were having a big party. That time I was with 2 male friends, we did all the cabin trip shopping and the last thing we bought were the condoms.

    But still, I would like to see in my country the condom self-vendor thingies, could save a lot of "shy" people the trouble, just insert money, get condom. It's sad that even on the dorms they don't have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humbugged View Post
    Implying store clerks are actively paying attention/care about what their customers are buying (Ive spent too much time in retail as a kid).
    Notice, yes. Care, no. Though it depends on what.
    I was going through the checkstand at the grocery store I used to work at a few days ago, and one of the chicks working there points out a lady leaving and the fact that she just spent $85 on astro and rubbers. Certain things are just memorable... like the combination of what the lady bought and how horrendous she looked. I'm not trying to judge, but it raised questions...

    But for the topic: Yes, I have. Both at the store I used to work at and drug stores here or there. Maybe slightly embarrassed in my teens, not now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruyaka View Post
    That doesn't answer the question.
    Of course it does. My experience is that it's full of win this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    Of course it does. My experience is that it's full of win this way.
    Semaphore has a mysterious aura, don't destroy our image of the great one!

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    Once, when I was but a wee boy. Ultimate embarrasment, for absolutely no reason.

    But thankfully my girlfriends has always been able to get as many as they want for free, so I never saw a point in buying them.

    Thanks to Elyaan for the great sig!

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    No, but only because:

    1) I could get them for free in college
    2) I got married after college and she's on the pill

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    First time was kind of awkward. I wasn't sure if there were age restrictions and I felt weird... I guess because I would've been extremely embarrassed if I ran into my mother. (or especially my girlfriend's mother/father)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nengal View Post
    I guess because I would've been extremely embarrassed if I ran into my mother. (or especially my girlfriend's mother/father)
    I'm guessing your girlfriend's father would've kicked your ass if you were both under 18 at the time?

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    No, the guys done that.
    Close your eyes and smile.
    [15:53] <PizzaSHARK> you have such a cute accent! ^_^

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    Not where I want to be.
    I remember how weirded out I was the first time I went in to buy a pack.
    We even went in together with my girlfriend at the time. Both 16 and nervous.
    The lady at the drugstore just gave us this sneaky smile...
    Ah sweet memories.

    After that though I realized there is nothing embarrassing about it and went on to live my life worrying about more important stuff.

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    First time I bought condoms it was in a two pack, and I was just so excited to actually be buying them for a purpose! (was 16) Some time later (same girlfriend to this day) I notice the skin "down there" is not how it should be. I continue with my actions, until it is unbearable, and finally go in to see the doc. It is there that I learn I am allergic to latex... this is after nearly a year and a half of using latex condoms, and I was confused why it hurt, thought it was normal >.>.

    This is where the true story begins...

    On my quest to find non-latex condoms I end up at a porn shop, and let me tell you for the first one I have ever been to it was actually very pleasant! The place was bright, clerks looked clean, and overall looked like a blockbuster/hollywood video... but with dildos and such! I eventually learn that that non-latex are QUITE expensive... talking $35 for a pack of seven. However the small small price of $35 x (7)sexual encounters > baby.

    All in all was more excited, and now when I drop $35 on a pack in a store, people think I'm a high roller for spending that much on so few condoms!

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    No, but I served someone buying condoms. I asked if he wanted a bag, and he said yes. Only thing he was buying.

    Wouldn't having a small box in a plastic bag draw more attention?
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