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    Ghostcrawler Quits, Dave Kosak Promoted

    Tonight we were witness to an example of messy break-ups gone wrong as Dave Kosak, Lead Quest Designer for World of Warcraft, grabbed the wayward reigns of Class and Systems Design from Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street. Informed that Ghostcrawler would be spending a drunken weekend gambling to ease his sorrows, Dave "Fargo" Kosak decided to take to Twitter in an attempt to officiate and continue the iterative process that is balancing World of Warcraft using the hastag "#TakingOverForGhostcrawler.

    Ghostcrawler, seeing this and no doubt effectively inebriated at this point, turned venomous and began to criticise the story of World of Warcraft (which is -in part- helmed by Lore Guru, Dave Kosak) with sarcastic tweets under the hashtag "#TakingOverFromFargo". I've created a transcript below for those who dislike Twitter.

    @DaveKosak AKA "Fargo"

    Yeah I'll be taking over class tweets now! RT @Ghostcrawler: GC fairly unplugged for a few days. Expect few updates.

    Rogues? Nerf. Mages? Nerf nerf. Shaman? BUFF. 4th Shaman spec uses HATS instead of totems. Done. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    Mages will now be called "Whizzers" and can only cast spells by screaming "Firebolt! Firebolt!" into their headset. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    Paladins and priests are no longer allowed to raid on the sabbath. Exception: Shadow priests with guitars. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    RT: Warlock green fire replaced with confetti

    Hunters are now allowed to tame Druids as pets. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    Enhancement Shaman tank spec: Dual-wield shields. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    Death Knights now take damage from healing. To balance, DPS classes can damage them to restore health. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    For science, all class nerfs will be done on a single server so we can compare to the norm (Sorry, Lightbringer). #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    This. RT @Eliot_Lefebvre: You can't buff Shaman. You literally can't. Anything the class lacks in power it makes up in awesome. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    I'm keeping the moose. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    Druids get new DPS spec, where they shapeshift into a Worgen Hunter. #TakingOverForGhostcrawler

    Hm, @Rastailian points out that would allow Druid Hunters to tame themselves. Accordingly, they can "Stampede," (looks like mirror image.)

    Yes! And Forsaken can cannibalize living Death Knights! RT @SihnonHunter: Taurens & Worgens now skinnable.
    At this point Ghostcrawler caught wind of what was happening on the Twit-O-Sphere and began chiming in his bitter vengence:

    @Ghostcrawler AKA Greg Street

    Night elves will henceforth no longer be sissies. #takingoverfromfargo

    No more trolls. Thunder King was their last stand and it failed. #takingoverfromfargo

    Tauren realize their goals have always been more in line with the Alliance. Swap imminent. #takingoverfromfargo

    Anduin duels Garrosh. Loses. BIG SURPRISE. #takingoverfromfargo

    New warchief? Undead Gamon. #takingoverfromfargo

    Gnomes... no. Just no. We're sorry about gnomes. #takingoverfromfargo

    Out of bad guys, so... Lich King's back baby! #takingoverfromfargo

    Folks, we have no idea where we're going with Draenei. I mean... really. #takingoverfromfargo
    It seems that, for now anyway, tensions have simmered and matters have moved from public eyes to private discussions. It remains to be seen whether these changes will stick or are yet to be implemented. However given community support for many ideas represented we may be about to witness an unprecendented shake up in the Game Development of the Warcraft series.


    Ghostcrawler's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ghostcrawler

    Dave Kosak's Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaveKosak
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    Not sure if srs.
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    It was just banter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by celinamuna View Post
    Suddenly, devs just having fun and poking sticks at each other.
    The sky is falling!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    You don't know what you have done Thesmall001, thousands and thousands of Ghostcrawler hater jump and cry tears of joy right now because of you. Will you take the responsibility for the sad faces they make as soon as they find out its a lie ?! ;D

    I had a good laugh at "Night elves will henceforth no longer be sissies. #takingoverfromfargo" That will never change.
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    damn it, was hoping it was true
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    All fly mounts now work like the joust quest in hyjal rofl would be awesome xD

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    HAHAhah hilarious.

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    op =/ You gots me all excited for a moment.

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    Kind of humorous, but I would imagine they will get a nice " wtf were yall on" from the higher ups.

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    If this would really happen? Give it 3 months to have "Kosak is clueless, we want GC back"

    You guys forgotten the shit that rained on Kalgan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KunkkaTheAdmiral View Post
    You don't know what you have done Thesmall001, thousands and thousands of Ghostcrawler hater jump and cry tears of joy right now because of you. Will you take the responsibility for the sad faces they make as soon as they find out its a lie ?! ;D

    I had a good laugh at "Night elves will henceforth no longer be sissies. #takingoverfromfargo" That will never change.
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    That was appropriatly hilarious for my morning giggles. Thank you.

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    Devs mocking Shamans their appalling performance, nothing new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekadez View Post
    Devs mocking Shamans their appalling performance, nothing new.
    Shamans are fine.

    Also, this was obviously banter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkyy View Post
    It was just banter...
    What? Are you implying they weren't serious? O.o

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    I actually found the idea of a nerf server pretty fun.

    My standards must have really slipped.

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    There was already a thread on the tweets going on tonight here. There was no need to make another one and especially not with such a dramatic title.


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