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    Shadow: proper use of dots and mind flay

    Hello guys,

    I'm pretty new to this game and, until today, I haven't play anything else than Disc and Holy in raids. Now, since my guild has more trouble finding decent ranged DPS than healers, I'm gonna have to take one for the team and respec as shadow (I only played it in LFR and heroics until now).
    (sorry about that, I always feel like i have to talk about my life in introductions).

    And now we get to the questions:

    Do I have to interrup mind flay casts when MB gets available during channel (end of CD or DI proc)? If I have to, i guess I should do it just after the damage ticks, and thats what i'm trying to do. But I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong with mind flay since, according to a simulation a friend ran, this spell should be my first source of damage on single target. And it's not.

    When is it better to recast dots? Ofc the obvious answer is just after their last tick of damage, but if I'm in a situation where i have trouble doing so, is it better to cast them over existing dots, eating up the final tick, or is it better to lose some dot time in order, for example, to cast mind blast first or to finish mind flay channeling?

    Do i have to automatically refresh my dots when i get trinket buffs?

    And finally, i have the shock charger medallion (constant haste+15 intellect buff with a one minute CD). Is it better to always activate it on CD, or should I make sure i have the buff up for every devouring plague?

    Here we go, thank you for your answers guys

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    - Mindflay is a filler spell and has the lowest priority, so basicly you will always be interrupting when mind blast comes off cd, when you get a proc from DI, when you will have to refresh your dots or when your tier 6 talents get off cd. The total damage percentage of your mindflay will also depends on the talents that you run with : when using FDCL you will be giving more priority to the mindspike procs, so you will be casting less mindflay. If you run with mindbender you won't get those procs, so you will be using more mindflay as a filler spell. The same goes for ToF and DI talents.

    - The best time to refresh your dots is between the second last and the last tick, so somewhere around 1-1.5 seconds before they expire. This wil give you the highest DoT uptime, and the last DoT tick, gets added to the refreshed DoT.

    - Refreshing your DoT's when you get a trinket or enchant proc is good, but there is not a lot of point in refreshing them again if u already did so a few seconds ago.

    - It's best to use your shock charger medallion when higher damage abilities get off cd, or soon become available ( mind blast, 3 orb devouring plague ), but there is also no point in waiting to long when using your trinket again, because then you will have less uptime of it during the course of the fight.

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