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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    South Africa would like to disagree with you. Did you ever hear about all the trouble down in Africa that white people got some years ago? People got killed, their homes burned down etc, just because they were white and happened to have inherited large properties.

    That you cannot be racist against white people is a ridiculous notion. I find it quite offensive that you think I'm a powerabusing, hatemongering and intolerant person just because I'm white.

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    I don't think anyone here says you aren't allowed pride in your heritage. Personally, I think it's regretable that we segregate such pride and heritage by the color of our skin, that we can't feel pride for things as what we are: One big human race. I think a black man should be able to be as proud of anything a white man is proud of, and such.
    I believe you are a good person - especially when it seems you've taken the time to think about it deeply. But what I am actually getting at is that you are the product of a white-privileged society. You did not ask for it, but privileged was given to you simply by being born as white. I do not know you personally and do not know what personal struggles you have come across, but in the majority of the world (and I use majority carefully here as you clearly point out something happening in Sth Africa which I'm not aware of), being born as a white kid will mean an easier life.

    So let me repeat myself - you may not be a powerabusing, hatemongering, intolerant person, but the benefactor of a system which gave whites the upper hand for hundreds of years. This makes the system racist, and you the benefactor from this. This is the distinction, have a think about this.

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    Being a 'little' racist now and then is only normal and in human nature. However people can go (too) far in this and this is bad, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    If we are to cave in to everything people are offended about, we're never gonna stop whining.
    That brand of candy had been the same for several decades and all of a sudden, someone acts offended about it. We shouldn't bend to anyone that has the ability to complain.
    Because the name of a candy is more important than offending someone? Who cares what the candy is called, the point is to sell the candy. The more people, even if a few, don't buy your candy, the less sales you have. Do you think the point of the candy maker to sell candy or something else?

    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    The difference is that the british analogy I made is to show that no-one would actually call that racism, because I think that most Brits have enough of a sense of humor to look at it as the joke that it is intended to be.
    So, your example is based on an assumption, that at best leaves the door for few to find it offensive, just like in your candy example? Most, still doesn't mean all, nor does your assumption mean reality.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    There's a difference between humor and exhaggerated stereotypes, and blatant racism.
    Yes, that's perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    I agree, culture is ever changing. But change for the sake of change, is not good. That minorities get the amount of influence they do is undemocratic. Much like muslims in my own country. You can call anything that works against you to be racist, and that's what I think is happening, and that is what I object to.
    But, changing for the sake of not offending, is not changing for the sake of changing. It's changing to conform to your current population. These people, as few of them as there might be, that are part of your current culture. If these people were simply your fellow country men and not Muslim, your opinion would eat it's own tail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddeliciousone View Post
    The only point I was trying to make is that as a mixed guy, you can piss off both sides. I never called them racist, it was just weird to me that they considered it offensive of me (mixed) to call my friend (black) a N-word, the reason being me not being.. black enough. That's just stupid, won't you agree? They used it all the time in our heated discussion. Clearly, it wasn't intolerance over the word but over a half black, half white guy using it.

    I'm not trying to justify the usage of the word at all, since I usually don't use it myself and don't see to many reasons to do so, but since it happened, it kept me wondering: How black must one be to be allowed to use such words? Where is the line drawn? Are all people just stupid?
    I don't know how it is over in Germany but in America as black people coloring is very important. Some black people don't like darker skinned black people, while others don't like lighter skinned black people. My granddad was the darkest out of all of his father's( who was mixed) children and he was told he was too black to get an education and made to work in the fields. For the most part light skinned black have always been seen as better because they are closer to white but that does not just go for black people but brown people all over. Having white skin is seen as the peak of beauty.

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    I was not born racist and infact I grew up a rather accepting person however my experiences with other ethnic groups have left me racist. Even while trying t be nice, I was looked down by other ethnic groups for being white. I was called names and berated for something that happened well before my time and well before the times of the people who insulted me.

    From my experience, black people(More along the lines a certain N word) and Mexicans are far more racist than a white person ever thought of being so they bring it on them selfs. Does this mean I refse to associate with them? Of course not, Black People, yes Black people I will gladly hang out with. One of my good frinds is a black person. My girl friend is Hispanic. Unfortuinately Mexicans or Cholos and that dreaded N word out number the decent people among their races and vastly skew the view of them as people and it is those people I am racist against.

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    As long as you don't treat anyone worse because of it, then it really doesn't matter. Some people literally go as far as to say that if you aren't attracted to people of a certain race, you're racist, and that's just stupid. Also, I don't think noticing patterns in gang violence and whatnot, and being wary because of it makes you a racist. That's being a realist. But don't expect much support on these boards, though. They're extremely close minded about different views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felya420 View Post
    Yeah, just like you can piss of anyone by screaming obscenities at your friend. Walk by a sinagage and scream to your friend 'your so cheap'. You could be Jewish, but will still piss people off. Not because of who you are or what you are, but because of the obscenities you scream. The reason you got in trouble is because you said something. If you said it and was black, it changes the context of what you said. In either regard, you are running away from personal responsobility involved in screaming obscenities and are focused on race.
    Well I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one. To me they were a bunch of intolerant hypocrites. It even would've made sense to me when they themselves found that word offensive or obscene. But they used it, too. But they clearly saw a difference between them using it and me using it. If I'd have been a 'pure black', they wouldn't even have bothered. But since my skin is a little bit lighter than theirs, EVEN THO one of my parents is clearly black and it's very possible that I grew up with those terms, too, they decided to confront me. Nevermind the N-Word being offensive or obscene to some ppl, that clearly wasn't the issue here.

    Meh. I agree with a lot of your other contributions, tho, so no hard feelings

    Quote Originally Posted by Ebildays View Post
    I don't know how it is over in Germany but in America as black people coloring is very important. Some black people don't like darker skinned black people, while others don't like lighter skinned black people. My granddad was the darkest out of all of his father's( who was mixed) children and he was told he was too black to get an education and made to work in the fields. For the most part light skinned black have always been seen as better because they are closer to white but that does not just go for black people but brown people all over. Having white skin is seen as the peak of beauty.
    Good point there. My dad told me that, too. Since he's pretty dark, he actually was glad that I turned out.. brown. But well, I grew up under those conditions (not being considered black, especially not being considered white) and I learned to deal with it. As soon as the question comes up: Do you feel more black or white / German or American (both citizenships)? I usually answer 'both', which is true. Why should I settle with one of them when I can have both? And yep, that answer offended quite a few of my black friends as well as the white ones. Guess you can't please everybody.

    I'm really glad that I grew as a mixed guy in a mixed environment. Color was NEVER a personal issue to me. I never cared and never will care. I DO care when people are biased fucktards and never bother to think a bit outside the box. Too inconvenient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    Why would you hate someone for being a religious believer? Doesn't matter what religion... So why Muslim?
    You may not be racist, but a great deal of intolerant. That's often rather worse. Intolerance causes at least as much harm as racism has.
    I hate by religion and stand proudly tall to it.
    I am white, I am German and English.
    I do not harm others or animals, what harm do I cause in my beliefs?

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    Racism is stupidity, thinking other races are "more prone to violence" is nothing but that, how can you be okay with being stupid? That's what I don't get about people such as yourself - you're just saying "well i'm an idiot and thats cool".

    I'm not more wary of "other races", but I'm more wary when some people display behaviour that I can come to perceive as threatening. Sometimes, this comes from people of "a different race" than myself, but more often than not it's not. But yeah, if you keep believing it's only, or mostly "other races", sure, you will be a lot less likely to notice those of your "own race".

    I honestly don't get people like you. Race has nothing to do with violent tendencies or anything else - background has. And it's your and your fault alone that certain minorities get pushed into backgrounds like that: yes, I'm saying racism is the fault for that, the reason those people generation after generation are less likely to get a good education, a proper job, and a good upbringing. I hope you're proud.

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    Only if your white.
    If you are asian or black it`s okay
    My lines are so potent that in this small segment i made all of the ladies in the first 3 comments pregnant!

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    White people can be racist but only in Europe & UK. Everywhere else they need to STFU.

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    Some people are racists. Frankly that's OK with me so long as you dont use your predigests to discriminate and you dont deny what you are. Just admit it, recognize that its not socially aceptable and act accordingly. Anyone who starts a statement with "I'm not a racists, but..." and follows with a racists statement is despicable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Docxz View Post
    This extremely flawed logic when you factor in that majority of the know serial killers are caucasian. Most rapes, extortions, embezzlement and high-end fraud is also dominated by middle age caucasians. So ALL races have people who behave in a violent or criminal manner it has nothing to do with "skin color". It's just more common hearing about terrorists and gang members(who are of the obvious races you're alluding to) then serial rapists and serial killers these days.. You have the WORST sweeping generalization i've ever heard.

    If anybody wants to argue my post you link every NON-Caucasian serial killer, or serial rapist. Or better yet currupt ceo's, politicians, coaches you name em, I will list double the caucasians.

    There is no excuse for racism there are great people of every race, gender, orientation and what have you so that whole one bad apple ruins the batch is BS.
    Your logic is flawed. The majority of serial killers are white, but most white people aren't serial killers. Also, very few people, whether white or not are in the position to commit extortion or high-end fraud. It just so happens that more white people happen to be in that position. And I never once claimed that there aren't great people of every race, gender, or orientation and I will gladly adjust accordingly. Some of my favorite people aren't white.

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    Here's a novel thought:
    Racism has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with tribe. Since it's easier for a lot of people to identify with other people that look like them, and human nature is one of fear, war and violence when it comes to other tribes, the tribal mind (or the ape brain, whichever you prefer) uses racial features as a banner for tribal superiority and tribal opposition.
    Many people who grew out of it are now using the 'OUR prophet was the final prophet'-approach to tribal mentality.

    Personally, I am proud as well as disgusted for and by all peoples and heritages, though I must say I have some trouble with South America's great civilizations. They had great stonemasonry and brilliant carving art, which is something to be proud of.
    But I'm well aware that race didn't come into it. Rather: Environment and resources influence culture, and there's a few optional routes the culture can take from there... It boils down to rolling a die, really.
    It's most definitely not genetic.

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    exept these day you are racist for everythings

    "love my country" YEAH RACIST BASTARD LULZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilbesideyou View Post
    The below is a cut and paste from a very interesting article on reverse-racism, as I'm beginning to see some people claim that whites are being targetted yadda yadda yadda:

    Replace the \\ with // to make the link work:


    Why Reverse Racism Doesn’t Exist

    Let’s start out simple with this post.

    Haven’t we all heard it before?

    -“I got bullied in school for being white. You can’t tell me that’s not racist!” No, this is called you being picked on by a mean child.

    -“Someone called me cracker!” This is someone calling you by your privilege.

    -“People can be racist against white people too.”

    No, they cannot. There is an inherent logical fallacy in your argument that will never make it true. However, white people can be discrimated against. Discrimination is different from racism.

    Let’s start from the beginning. Your first step is to accept that “a hatred or intolerance of another race” is not the definition of racism. The dictionary is wrong. Get over it.

    Racism is when intolerance in government laws, attitudes and ideals of a society are ingrained in a culture to the point where patterns of discrimination towards a certain race are institutionalized as normal. If you keep this in mind, you’ll understand that reverse racism doesn’t- and can’t- exist.

    There is another saying “Racism (or sexism) = prejudice + power. POC (people of color) can be prejudiced against white people. But they can never have power, i.e. a whole system of structured support that backs them. White people often don’t understand how much power they have. Just ONE white person has more power to do actual harm to a black person than one hundred black people do to that white person. A white person can KILL a black person without any consequences, while if the situation was reversed you can bet the killer wouldn’t see the outside of a prison cell for a long, long time.

    When white people complain about reverse racism, they are not complaining about losing their RIGHTS. What they are complaining about is losing their PRIVILEGE.

    White people can never call someone else racist against them because that ‘someone else’ does not have the power to OPPRESS them. The person has the power to be mean.To hurt feelings.But not to OPPRESS.

    THAT is the key difference. When a POC is mean to you, they are JUST being mean to you. Their entire society is not ACTIVELY discriminating against and oppressing you. Their society is not one where it is difficult for them to not be racist against you.

    But yours is. And you need to accept that.
    One of the more racist things I read on this thread so far. This type of belief does nothing but fuel the fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebildays View Post
    That is not racist but saying that Mexicans are more likely to be violent and steal is. What people are doing is looking at only one factor, race, and making a judgement based on that. In most cases it is just simply that poor people are more likely to be violent and steal, it has nothing to do with race.

    No, but you seem dumb enough to believe that out of 100 white people only one will commit murder. But if we go by statics white people are more likely to commit mass murder so while the two black people may just kill a person each the one white person may kill 10.

    And what is the problem with that? Is it a problem because you cannot call a black person that? The big difference is when a black person calls another black person that both of them are "niggas" when a white person calls a black person that only one person is a "nigga". I bet you would like a black person calling you "white boy" or "white bread" as a greeting.
    While I agree it's racist to say, "Mexicans are more likely to be violent and steal," you could say "If you're a Mexican living in (Crime City) you're more likely to have committed a violent crime or stolen something" - backed up of course by statistical data. This is not racist. It's taking specifics and applying them to a whole body of people that enables racism to rears it's ugly head.

    Also, I do have friends in the ghettos around me. Black people do call my "Nigga" (I'm about as white as you get), and "white-bo," but less so. Like all words, Nigger/Nigga, can be used with the correct tone to express friendship, gratitude, etc...or hatred or racism. The only reason Nigga is still being used today is because of the structural racism that has existed in the US for so long.

    I'm glad to see an improvement in my generation, a '90's kid, over my parents (baby boomers). Maybe my children will live in a world with a smaller racial divide.

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    I remember being called a cracker while walking around downtown by a fat black chick. I just remember laughing about it with friends. I just think it is best to not let these kind of things effect you. See internet trolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by zEmini View Post
    I remember being called a cracker while walking around downtown by a fat black chick. I just remember laughing about it with friends. I just think it is best to not let these kind of things effect you. See internet trolls
    I'm reminded of what Doug Stanhope said...

    If you’re offended by any word in any language, it’s probably because your parents were unfit to raise a child. They were too stupid, they should have been neutered, because all it is is a sound you can make with your mouth! It’s not a weakness that you have naturally. When you come out of that pink ugly hole onto this planet, you’re nothing but a gooey, shrinking, wrinkled ball of weakness. That’s all you are: you’re weak, you’re nothing but weak, and your parents look at that, and they think, ‘Not weak enough! We can make this thing even weaker by training it to react poorly to different sounds that you can make with your mouth.’ We’ll list them out, this is the worst thing, if anyone ever says this sound: [unintelligible gibberish], that’s the worst thing they can call you, so make sure to recoil and cry, and be hurt and devastated, and eat ice cream on a couch for days, and then write a song about it. You wouldn’t do that otherwise, you’d just be happy if your parents didn’t fuck it up. You’d just be a happier person. I could walk right up to you and go, ‘Hey, cunt!’ and you’d go, ‘No, I’m Rebecca! But I guess I have a face that looks like a lot of different people. What’s your name? Welcome to Salt Lake!’
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    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you hurt people then yes. But generally speaking no.
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