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    wow account(s) question

    Hi, i was just wondering, is there anyhow i can see which wow accounts that have logged on to my computer? i made a new account a few weeks ago, upgraded it and all, but havent played on it for some time and now i cant remember its account name/email adress, anyone have any idea what to do?

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    In your wow folder.
    World of Warcraft\WTF\Account

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    just did, have a few accounts there, but the one that it is, is named 129869305#1, is that some kind of a name...or...?

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    Hmm, you could try to go to each of your accounts, go to the character transfer to see which one it is.

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    that wont work either, never transfered any char there, only started a new char, i think i merged it with my old account though so i could transfer chars if i wanted to, so trying to find out how to see that atm ^^

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    Named accounts existed before wrath. Now it's just a random number assigned to the BNET account. But yes, every one of those random numbers is an account. Inside that folder is folders with the names of the toons played and the servers they were on. Should be easy to figure out from there.

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    Hi Gohan, this may be a tricky one but Blizzard can definitely help you track down the accounts - now I don't know about going through the computer to figure out account information. If someone comes to us and basically has some of the information - either a credit card used for a digital purchase or subscription, a game key, possible emails used with the account or the exact real name for the account holder - all of these can help us help you. Be sure that if you do contact us, not to put your credit card info in any email - we would only ask for that information either over the phone or through our new live chat support. You can contact us through this page Feel free to give me a shout directly if you have any questions.


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