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    Guild Wars did it right imo. Could have a ton of Undead around killing shit for you.

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    You can build a pretty interesting Necromancer build in Path of Exile (either as Witch or Templar).

    Lost of minions (Like 8 Zombies, 10 skeletons and 4 Spectres) that all explode for fire damage once they go low enough. Add in throwing curses around and laying waste on stuff your minions are tanking with Fire Storm makes for a quite satisfying Necromancer experience, imo :P

    And yeah, GW2 Necro was pretty well done as well.

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    Kind of a grey area here as far as mmo goes since it depends on the mods you used and servers you played on. The PRC pack necromancer for neverwinter nights was really fun for it's time as far as having a horde of undead minions to do your bidding.
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    Path of Exile does it right.

    I'm playing a summoner, wielding an army of 13 skeletons, 9 zombies & 3 spectres.
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    I know exactly what you mean and AoC was the only game to do a Necro correctly in my opinion. Once you were up to 20 or 30 you had about 8 different guys following you around mixed of ranged and melee undead. Your spells were all DoT's.

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    I'd say EverQuest had the closest resemblance to what I thought a Necromancer would be. I still remember playing on Day 1 and people trying to kill good ole' Jobaber because Bone Chips were a hot commodity and they thought he was a MoB.

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    *reads topic*


    Okay, my nominee might not be worth much since the game is now dead, but my favorite necromancer experience came from playing a necromantic mastermind in City of Villains. You start off with a few zombies at low levels and thier numbers grow as you level up. Then you start getting more powerful minions, and then if you take the group flight travel power you can take your entire undead army up in the air!

    Plus you could make your minions do emotes and say stuff just like you could your character. It was a lot of fun having random macros for my minions saying and doing stuff.

    I really wish I had screenshots to show off...

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    I think I heard Age of Canon had a necromancer? Maybe Im completely wrong...

    Anywho, its funny how I never made a summoner necromancer My necromancer inn Diablo2 ended up being a curse-poison nova necromancer, it owned.

    ...Trough I did have summons that I could use, they just werent to strong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightelfsb View Post
    I think I heard Age of Canon had a necromancer? Maybe Im completely wrong...
    It did indeed, was.. alright. The game was very flawed from the start sadly, though it still has some of the best fatality animations I can remember. Always did find it a shame the demonology (Herald of Xotli) was a melee guy though.

    But anyway, as someone who's very biased towards summoners and pretty much plays them in every game.. I must say Diablo 2 did go about this really well, that is if you're the necromancer. You are constantly resummoning, cursing etc. and got plenty to do. The Druid summoner I found far too passive though.

    Really depends what you look for though, "necromancer" is of course a very broad term for someone who practices communicating with the dead, which in games of course means tons o' zombles. From a purely pet standpoint, I always really liked WoW's Warlock class and did give me a solid summoner vibe. Guild Wars 2's necromancer is alright, though I find they have too little control over their actual minions and they just seem 'sort of there' to me.

    Not really an MMO, but as others mentioned Path of Exile does a solid job at this and is very reminiscent of Diablo 2's necromancer.

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    Diablo 2 Bonemancer want moar of this please.

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    There's no "right" necromancer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haasth View Post
    It did indeed, was.. alright. The game was very flawed from the start sadly, though it still has some of the best fatality animations I can remember. Always did find it a shame the demonology (Herald of Xotli) was a melee guy though.
    Did you actually play AoC? The Demonologist was a caster, the Herald of Xoti was a fire elementalist that wielded 2h swords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aveyai View Post
    you could have upwards of 20 undead minions at once as a necro on GW1.
    ... Until they nerfed it to the ground once everyone realized it was completely OP.

    This whole thread is a bit silly since who's to say what makes one Necro more proper than another. i.e. "the D2 necro is the only 'right' one to me" a la the OP.

    And, with that said:

    Quote Originally Posted by Klog View Post
    Everquest best necromancers ever
    1000 times this... 9001 times if you are an inky.
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    The necromancer from Diablo 2 was probably my best Necromancer experience, and army of skeletons was awesome.

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    City of Heroes had the best Necromancer class ever.

    They had a Archetype called MasterMind which was the ultimate pet class ever, a master mind usually had 6 pets out at once, they had several types of mastermind which included a Necromancy mastermind which was the closest thing to a true and proper Necromancer spec any game has ever had, out side of Diablo 2.

    Honestly I wish some company would try to do a pet class like The Mastermind, it was truly unique in MMOs.

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    All of this but no mention of UO?
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    GW2's necro is a glorified Warlock. Your pets are made of silly string minus one. The necro is a class where you can summon hordes of undead to fight for you, 6 isnt hordes. Im still waiting for a game that I like to do a proper necro. The minions would be weak, but its the numbers thats the main point.

    Basicly all those missions where you get to play as Arthus and raise the dead is the kinda thing I want to do. Deathknights army comes close but they dont last long.

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    a necromancer is a guy who summons and controls the dead and uses some other form of magic to kill people. i can list several games that have characters, classes that do just that. so the bigger question us what the hell do you want them to do?

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    An army of skeletons following you in a MMO can be OP. It would have to be a cooldown like Army of the Dead. But if a necro got to summon an army of skeletons only every 10 minutes for less than a minute, then it wouldn't be much of a necro.

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    On a side note, Rush had a song called "The Necromancer" and it is considered as a very good song.

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