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    What do you guys think about my Minecraft intro i made ?

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post my own video. If that is the case, please close the thread.

    Anyway, I just made a new intro for my minecraft let's play series that me and my two friends just started.
    I know, "The Awesome journey" isn't the most creative name, but It's possible to change it in the future.

    What do you think? I spent ~2 hours on making it.

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    Wow good job I love it. Quick intro to the point and epic!

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    Looks pretty sweet

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    You aren't allowed to post videos to your own channel mate...I won't report it, but just warning as others might.

    Ontopic: Hard to say, maybe it looks better if you are a minecraft fan.

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    hm strange, I thought they removed the video from this thread at first :S

    Anyways thanks for the feedback it's appreciated
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    it's cool but where the sign appears 'Starring' and the names are really hard to read.

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    Looks like an old sitcoms intro, pretty cool though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castalya View Post
    it's cool but where the sign appears 'Starring' and the names are really hard to read.
    yeah true, but like one second afterwards you see the names again, but on the characters
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    Wooow it's really nice!

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    Can't wait to watch your videos with the intro!

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