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    I think this expansion is awesome. Coming from someone who hated WoW at the end of Cata and refused to play MoP because it was the same old same old. I recently came back after a resurgence of friends and I'm loving it. Got my priest to 90, did some 2s, got killed by some Arms warriors now I'm leveling a Brewmaster Monk and I think they did a crazy good job with it. I think I might have a replacement for my bear druid haha.

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    I found myself very bored the past 2 months... Up tell about 5 days ago, I've started doing MANY things in wow that I have not done in the past. And with that, I'm not bored anymore. SO many things to do, even things besides "hard" core raiding =D

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    Plays same game for 6ish years, is surprised it isn't as compelling as it was 6 years ago.

    At least thats what I took away from the TC.
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    It's not the expansion that's boring people, it's the length of the game.

    I mean, some of you have been playing for what, 7 or 8 years? Of course you're beginning to feel burnt out. That's an average of 1/8th OF YOUR LIFE spent playing this game.

    The game is old, you're getting older.

    I'm having a blast with Mists but the game has changed, and for some they don't like it or just aren't interested in it any longer.

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    I find it boring sometimes, but i worked an efficient tactic to avoid stopping having fun:
    -I focus on ONE character (i'd rather explode than level another alt to level 90) so i don't have to worry about capping valor for every one of them
    -To cap valor, just do one scenario+ heroic dungeon and maybe the daily Ironpaw quest at the farm.
    -After i'm done with the daily amount of valor, i can do: pet battles, PvP, LFR, solo, farm, achievements, Sha of Anger, look for rares, Brawler's pub, work on Feats of Strength, gear up my level 19 alt, log other characters to do other stuff.

    I did every dailies, every day, with my main character, until exalted. This way i was soon done.

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    Leveling to 90 takes too long, when you have done the quests a couple of times. On my third character I'm actually looking forward to being lvl 90 and having all the stuff to do, even dailies. But the leveling keeps from playing WoW. I could rush it and move to the next zone as soon as it becomes available but then again I'd like to finish the storyline by doing the zones in the supposed order. On my second lvl 90 character I rushed it and my quest log was always full at 90 from those quests I skipped and I didn't want to return to do them on that character as playing an enhancement shaman at 90 was too painful. Should always have stayed as ranged..

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    I quit in cata nov 2011. Not much about MoP made me excited to go back, and from reading it doesnt seem like I missed much. Pvp seems to still be broken, raids are raids, more dailies and Im not a fan of dailies anymore, and then petbattles but you need to be interested in that =) Leaves professions and AH domination, and that was the last thing I did in cata and it didnt cut it for a subfee for me.
    What would have kept me in game would have been changes to pvp, bring back skirmishes, make it easier to take part in rated battlegrounds (solo queue for group option), but that didnt happen in MoP and now I just cant see myself ever get interest in this game anymore. I still check in every now and then in this part of the forum to see what happens(if Im bored and no news in my other favourite subforums) and it pretty much seems like same ol =)

    It's not that Im running out of games, since I have little gametime Planetside2 is good enough for me now, I also have GW2 on the shelf that I have far from completed yet, and some interesting games incoming. The good thing with the market these days is that wow has competition of many good games out there. You arent forced to stay because there's no other options like some years ago. Give other games a chance, many of them wont cost you anything, and then see if you want to come back to wow... or still keep your sub but login when you feel that it's a fun thing to do. The game itself wont change in any gamebreaking way, so if you are bored... find ways not to be. The game also isnt going anywhere, your characters will remain in same place next time you login, it's ok to do something else or try something else... make use of the short time we have here on planet earth =)
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    You think the raids are boring because there are a few "fun" fights? You mean EASY? lol. Just because some fights are challenging doesnt make them not fun, maybe to you, but that is the entire point of raiding for most of the community...challenge. I think T14 raids were very well done. Sure there are some mistakes like making elite protectors too easy, etc. But still, overall I think they did a good job with raids.

    As for dailies, 5-mans, etc I think they could have done a bit better. Obviously everyone complains about too many dailies, and to get 90 coins a week is insane after a few months. The 5-mans seemed like too little, yeah obviously anything is going to get boring after awhile, but hearing that they arent adding anymore in 5.2 is quite disappointing.

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    Normally when I get bored on my main I level up alts. MOP has mostly killed that for me. I've got my level 90 main, one level 90 alt, and two level 88 mages - it was all I could stand. My alt won't be getting any reps up, which means they won't be getting any valor gear. I've just gotten her high enough ilvl to run the various LFRs. I'm not going to do that again. My level 85 rogue/DK/warlock/priest/druid/paladin and level 15 monk just won't be played this expansion.

    Why not?

    1. CRZ. Yes, I get it - I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't completely love CRZ. Whatever. I frigging hate CRZ and it makes me not want to play those zones.
    2. VP gear gated on reputations. Multiple reputations. Which you must do dailies to get. I hate the dailies. I'm still not exalted with all the reps on my main because I hate them so badly.

    So yes, I'm bored with MOP. There's stuff for me to do but nothing I actually enjoy, aside from raiding. So I mostly just raid.

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    I just started to play MoP (I stopped on early Cataclysm) and i'm not bored at all, the game is, in my opinion, better than when i stopped to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghado91 View Post
    Anyone else bored of MoP? I'm not sure what it is but the game just doesn't seem as fun anymore. My server has been progressively dying.

    T14 raiding content isn't that good in my opinion. Sure, we have 16 bosses but there are only a few fun fights. Heart of Fear in my opinion is the worst of the 3 raids. I've been raiding in WoW since start of BC and comparing raiding back then to now, raiding just isn't as fun anymore. And yes, I do clear most heroic modes in T14, not just LFR. I'm not sure what it exactly is but comparing T14 to say T11 or any previous raid, T14 isn't that good.

    Everything I've done in MoP doesn't feel like an accomplishment. It's like "sure I got almost all BiS heroic raiding gear, so what?" Before in BC, WOTLK, and even Cataclysm, if I was walking in full BiS gear in cities I felt like a boss. I don't feel that way anymore, I think people stopped caring. Is this just me?

    What I don't like is how there is not much actual content since release of MoP since release besides the raids. What I mean is that we HAVE to valor cap every week and we HAVE to do dailies to get elder charms. Valor capping is also much harder than Cataclysm. This isn't content in my opinion but it feels mandatory to any hardcore raider. It wasn't like this before. In previous expansions, dailies were exclusively for gaining gold and maybe a few mounts but that was it. I never did dailies in BC, WOTLK, or Cata because there was no need. I don't like the idea of being forced into valor capping weekly AND doing dailies because there is a lack of 'real' content per se.

    I think MoP is also not alt friendly at all. It feels mandatory to valor cap alts, do dailies on alts, and do the entire legendary quest chain on alts which takes a lot of time. Who has the time to do all this? In previous expansions alts didn't take much time to manage. You leveled it to max level, maxed out professions and just geared it up and it was all good. It isn't like that anymore.

    Essentially my routine has been doing dailies, valor capping, LFR, and raiding. There isn't much else besides that. I don't PvP or farm achievement points either. In previous expansions I always felt like I had something to do without being forced into doing something I didn't want to do.

    TL;DR: Why is MoP so boring?
    Hey buddy, I came across this severely about a month and a half ago and found an amazing solution.

    Not sure if you are a reader, but diving into the lore has truly let me appreciate the game so much more. I am reading the books chronologically through Warcraft time, and have found myself rerolling and taking the time to read the quests and essentially become the character. Yes yee ol' maryjane has been my best friend through this adventure, but its opening my eyes to aspects of the game I never even cared about in the slightest.

    Do yourself a favor and begin with "The Rise of the Horde", followed by "The Last Guardian". Amazing reads.

    I have been playing since vanilla and have ridden this crazy roller coaster of up and downs with WoW, and have recently never found myself more IN LOVE with the game after diving into the books.


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    No, now can we stop having this same thread pop up every other day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    It's not the expansion that's boring people, it's the length of the game.
    Isn't the point of an expansion to reinvigorate peoples interest in the game? If it doesn't then i am going to have to blame the expansion. For me this expansion lost its luster pretty fast. I only log on now to do LFR and enough daily quests to valor cap. I actually just started playing GW2 not long ago on the side but now wow has become my side game. If 5.2 is more content and story gated behind daily quests then i think it will be See ya next expansion!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    Nothing wrong with it.
    I'd be worried if you still enjoyed "walking around in BiS" after 6 years, that's not healthy :P

    What do you ask from us?
    You could farm.
    You could do pet battles.
    Challenge-mode dungeons are an option.
    Tame/kill all the rare spawns.
    Get all the mounts and pets!
    Over 9,000 posts is healthy, though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stede View Post
    Over 9,000 posts is healthy, though?
    If you have nothing decent to add, I would suggest not typing at all before a moderator steps in.
    Quote Originally Posted by Masternewt View Post
    This list just made me really sad.
    Ooh wait, I forgot RBG, BG and Arena on that list.
    It has more to do than any other MMORPG, the only difference is that those are new.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilde View Post
    Yeah, it's kind of sad at this point that real players are the minority. If only the game hadn't been a subscription based game and given patches as purchasable content, we might have a decent game to play right now. Unfortunately, the designers and developers have to meet management's subscription demands at the expense of the game.
    And since when are 'non-raiders' not real players?

    It's not "at this point" at all!
    Raiders were always a minority, LFR even made sure that more people raid than ever.

    If you don't like the way WoW has always been, you should have never subscribed to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadite View Post
    Isn't the point of an expansion to reinvigorate peoples interest in the game? If it doesn't then i am going to have to blame the expansion. For me this expansion lost its luster pretty fast. I only log on now to do LFR and enough daily quests to valor cap. I actually just started playing GW2 not long ago on the side but now wow has become my side game. If 5.2 is more content and story gated behind daily quests then i think it will be See ya next expansion!
    And it's been doing that for players like me and others, but some people will ALWAYS be burnt out, dude.

    Gotta keep that in mind.

    Can't please everyone.

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    Maybe it's because I started post-WoTLK, but it's cool to me thus far. Obviously they're some changes I'm not fond of, but generally I like the content.

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    The term is bored WITH Mop not bored OF mop. And no.

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    To be fair, MOP is GORGEOUS. When it first launched I called it "WoWHD". There's lots of things about it that are great, it's just hard to appreciate them all the time since so many new features conspired to make me hate the land, the factions, and the people I meet in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stede View Post
    Over 9,000 posts is healthy, though?
    As near as I can tell, comments about the number of posts that anyone makes are off-topic. So don't make them. Stick to the topic and be civil with one another.
    If you have anything to contribute to a thread topic, please do so. Discussing moderation or calling out specific people is against the rules and makes a post liable for an infraction. Please report problem posts. If anyone is unclear about the rules please read our FAQ. Thanks.

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