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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    Because Shamans are supposed to be intune with nature, have a connection with the elements thats deeper than a mere contract, and revere their ancestors and nature spirits. Goblins destroy nature, would sell their dead for profit and only revere gold.
    Orcs also destroy the nature by cutting the forests, and they're still the greatest shamans of Azeroth.
    Shaman =/= droods, they aren't intune with nature but with the elements and their plans.

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    Night elf death knight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valax View Post
    undead monk , seriously how do they not fall in pieces?
    The necromantic magic that keeps them alive, most likely.
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    Given the reading most people go with these:

    -Tauren Paladins / Priest
    -Gnomes... Anything
    -Goblin Shamans
    -Night Elf Mages
    -Undead Monks

    Rest are just evenly spread out.

    My opinion:
    The following males: Dwarf/Orc/Tauren/Draenei Mages/Priests/Warlocks (Cloth gear meaning robes and skirts). They're muscular and savage, don't fit the caster type for me.

    Second: Gnome Warriors/Monks, Tauren Monks. Too small/big for that role.

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    Draenei DK

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    These threads are always so insightful and breed nothing but positivity in the community. Yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviantcultist View Post
    Yep, I am one of "them". I could say the exact same for everyone else who does otherwise. Its only a matter of opinion, who can deny that Blood Elves, Undead and Draenei females are the only decent looking models in game?
    I like night elves but I'm kinda old school like that....also fem goblins >.<

    Quote Originally Posted by mistuhbull View Post
    ^Only non-kaldorei are those classes that couldn't be kaldorei (i'm going to assume the mage is made pre-cata...or is Kaldorei, can't tell from picture)
    These are my class icons from end of wrath...mage is forsaken, druid has been both tauren and night elf. Warrior is an orc. Paladin was originally human, then draenei, and is now....a blood elf. Haha.

    She's the worst kind of blood elf too, a slutmog belf. *shame

    I don't mind belfs on their own, there's just so many of them.

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    Dwarf anything. But hunter especially.

    i really dislike hunters.

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    Gnome anything.
    "A NAME IS A CLOAK OF LETTERS THROWN UPON A MAN. IT MEANS NOTHING." - Transcendent One, Planescape: Torment.

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    Tauren Priest.
    Black Lives Matter

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    Human/night male anything, dranei male cloth users.

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    most of you are going by lore and not game play itself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Csnyder View Post
    most of you are going by lore and not game play itself
    Valid enough reason, certain race/class combos just don't make sense from a lore perspective.

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    Class: X
    Race: Gnome

    Class: Mage
    Race: Nelf

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    Pandaren: Everything.

    Night Elf Mages

    Troll Druids

    Tauren Paladins / preist

    Worgen: Everything.

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    Orc mage. Uninspired ("The Forsaken taught us; shut up and move along") and... random, I suppose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Orc mage. Uninspired ("The Forsaken taught us; shut up and move along") and... random, I suppose?
    I think its about them revising arcane arts from the past, the Gul'dan days, nothing more or less than that.

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    Man, I have a 3 way tie, Tauren paladin, Goblin Shaman, and Bloodelf DK. Every DK I see is a bloodelf, I don't understand. I hate the fact that goblin shamans have dumb mechanical totems. Shaman is a element/nature class, they shouldn't have mechanical stuff implemented in there.

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    Goblin Shamman
    Tauren Paladin
    Gnome anything (they should only be tinker class)

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    Gnome anything. yes i am racist.

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