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    Start of Fanfic: The New Lich King

    I have never really posted here before, and the last fanfic type of story I have even thought of writing was over a decade ago, but I figured it'd be worth a shot. Here's just a teaser, I don't want to release a half-finished starting portion, more just getting an idea out there...

    I am trying to keep the story as consistent with lore as possible, so let me know if you see any goofs please.


    A heart that no longer beats but may one day beat again that started walking on the lonely path of the damned out of love and freed itself through force of will. A beating but dying heart that thinks it is filled with only the Light, totally untempted by power, that is really just as vulnerable to power's temptations as the first heart's former master was. Yet another, unable to beat and never again, sacrificing everything to withold the hungering cold and the endless unthinking army from ravaging the world he loved but can no longer be a part of.

    All on the same plane, all profess to have the same enemies, all once in the thrall or secretly enthralled by the Scourge, and what it stood for, and what it still does...
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    Oh cool! We welcome fan-fiction with open arms here. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to the story.

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