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    Radeon 7870 or 660ti

    I am looking to upgrading my gpu and am trying to decide which one of these to get. I have always had ati cards so I kind of am leaning towards that. A friend of mine has the 660ti and swears by nvidia. I was just curious what the mmoc community thought about the comparison.

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    They are quite equal but overall the 660ti comes out better. barely

    I would recommend sticking with card you are used to.

    Also you have to take into consideration if your mobo supports ati or Nvidia cards better.


    Don't know where you are from but the prices can be a contributing factor. Here the 7870 (245,96 Euro(330,67 USD) is allot cheaper than the 660ti (298,10 Euro(400,77 USD)
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    Yeah sorry posting from a phone is a pain in the ass, hopefully these are better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chaosjones View Post
    Also you have to take into consideration if your mobo supports ati or Nvidia cards better.
    Motherboards do not support any cards better or worse since mid 90's, don't perpetuate that bullshit myth.

    Games however vary in how well AMD or Nvidia card works, and your favourite game might be leaning clearly towards one side. All Blizzard games for example work better on Nvidia than AMD cards with fewer mysterious driver problems.
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    I would take into account as well that the Radeon 7000 series have great capacity for overclocking, compared to NVidias cards which tend to be overclocked out the box (in comparison). Combine that with the cheaper price and I would recommend leaning toward the 7870.

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    Well mate, my advice is to go with Nvidia since the game performs better and as an old Nvidia user i have no problems either with drivers or the game itself, running atm gtx260. If you intend to play other games and you want to save money go to ATI since they perform almost equally and you will save some bucks.

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    depends what games you play i'd pick a 660Ti if blizzard games is what you mostly play.
    also farcry 3 is/was nvidia win even though it was a ATI powered game which was kinda fun. (unless drivers fixed it)

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    if you really want AMD, don't get the double D. they run really hot (55+ idle), are loud and they can barely overclock at all. I just returned my 7950 DD the other day and I am going to buy an Asus 660ti DirectCU OC for £20 more.

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