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    noob question but i have been reading thru some of the threads and people keep mentioning peeling. What is peeling? and how do you effectively "peel" someone?

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    When a healer is in distress, like has a dk and pally with cooldowns beating on them, the healer's ally can "peel" them off by slowing/stunning/rooting them.

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    ok i thought as much just wasn't sure. thank you

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    Helping your teammates in arena or anywhere else by slowing or CC'ing opponents.

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    My wife calls skinning "peeling".

    Just FYI ;-P


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    Basically means to get a player off of your teammate by any means necessary (stuns, roots, silences, fears, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EntropyJim View Post
    My wife calls skinning "peeling".

    Just FYI ;-P

    Thank you for the mental image of a nelf peeling a dragon with a potato peeler. I'll grin like a moron all day now^^

    On topic: Getting people away from teammates.
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    I don't think you're having so much a thought but rather complete mental diarrhea all over the internet and your keyboard and it's not pretty or even logical.

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    Basically what everyone else said, snares, roots, stun etc.

    When you see a warrior pop avatar or a ret with wings up etc is when you want to start peeling.

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