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Thread: WoW Novels

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    WoW Novels

    Is there much correlation between each book, like a series or can I just dive into whichever one piques my interest...
    I have a lot of time after work where I wait on my ride to finish working where I can sit on my kindle fire and read and was debating reading them, but I don't wanna read all of them as certain ones just don't really grab at me...

    Edit: And yes I know they're all about lore etc, what i mean is, is there a direct and intricate story line weaving book to book that you will only be able to understand things in a later book if you've read a previous one.
    (the the Drizzt Do'Urden Novels for example.)

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    Sort of, depending on the books.

    The first book I bought was the Warcraft Archives. It has some from Richard Knaak (Rhonin chats with raptors!), Christie Golden, Christ Metzen (yup), and Jeff Grubb.

    This one is a healthy intro I think into the books, shows you their different writing styles, and teaches lots of different lore.

    Also, there were the books written that kind of went along with WoW, "Arthas," then "The Shattering," and then "Stormrage."
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    You can start anywhere you want except for the trilogy that starts with 'Well of Eternity' by Richard Knaack, which leads into all the events that deal with the first war against the burning legion and the fall of the well of eternity/Az'shara. Since it is a trilogy you will want the first book first. All the other books tend to be one shots which build upon the historical lore.

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    Alright, Thanks guys

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