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    What do you keybind scroll-wheel to?

    After years of playing a warrior main and getting used to have charge/intercept binded to scroll wheel for easy movement before switching to main lock for mop, I kinda expected warlocks to have a similarly intuitive ability to keybind to the scroll-wheel. After trying a few abilities out while first setting up my warlock ui, I found just about all of them to feel clumsy or awkward on scroll-wheel. Its very likely that it was just because of how used I was to the warrior playstyle.

    TL;DR what abilit(y/ies) do you keybind to your scroll-wheel.
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    I keybind my mounts with shift + scroll. Have been using it since I basically started playing WoW.

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    ctrl up/down = pet attack/follow
    shift up/down = DS/synapse
    no mod = I tend to use them as filler, but as for affliction I rly should find another use for them.

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    Nothing. It's my go-to push-to-talk button for voicechat.
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    what's wrong with having scroll up & down for zoom in & out ? :O

    anyhow i do have functions for scrolling with modifiers,

    for my lock I use

    Place teleport - Scroll up
    Teleport - Scroll down, pretty handy
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    scroll up = curse of elements; alt+ scroll up = curse of weakness
    scroll down = fel flame; alt + scroll down = curse of exaustion
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    Scroll down: mouseover priority fear, if no mouseover, fear on target ( It's a macro)
    Scroll down + shift: mouseover priority banish, if no mouseover, banish target
    Scroll down + alt: focus fear
    Scroll down + ctrl: focus banish

    Scroll up: howl of terror / shadowfury / mortal coil, depending on what talent I use.
    Scroll up + shift: mouseover priority spell lock, if no mouseover, spell lock target
    Scroll up + alt: focus spell lock
    Scroll up + ctrl: summon felhunter

    Middle mouse: mouseover priority fel flame, if no mouseover, fel flame on target
    Middle mouse + shift: twilight ward
    Middle mouse + alt: focus fel flame
    Middle mouse + ctrl: flames of xoroth

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    Scrollup = Twilight Ward
    Scrolldown = Soul Swap

    ShiftScrollup = Command Demon
    ShiftScrolldown = Tier 1 Talent

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    Just regular old zoom in and out. I tried binding stuff to it in the past but it highly annoyed me and the buttons I put there weren't used effectively either so I went back to standerd. Might try it again to see if a new mouse makes it easier to get accustomed to.

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    Zoom in and zoom out, iv'e tried binding that to other keys and all. But I could never get used to it, so I kept it as default.

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    Scroll-Up: Send pet
    Scroll-Down: Recall

    Shift Scroll-up: Grim of Service
    Shift Scroll-down: Wild Imps

    Ctrl Scroll-up: Doomguard
    ctrl Scroll down: Infernal
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    Un-modified the mouse wheel up and down are for targeting.

    Shift+MWU......Pet Attack
    Shift+MWD......Pet Recall

    Ctrl+MWD........Portal Set

    Alt+ Mouse Wheel controls camera zoom.

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    MWUp: Haunt (Target)
    MWUp + Shift: Haunt (Focus)
    -> in a Macro
    MWUp + Alt: ZoomIn

    MWDown: Malefic Grasp (Target)
    MWDown + Shift: Malefic Grasp (Focus)
    -> in a Macro
    MWDown + Alt: ZoomOut

    MWLeft: Agony (Target)
    MWLeft + Shift: Agony (Focus)
    -> in a Macro

    MWRight: Corruption (Target)
    MWRight + Shift: Corruption (Focus)
    -> in a Macro

    MWUp: ChaosBolt (Target)
    MWDown: Incerante (Target)
    MWLeft: Havoc Macro (with /targetlasttarget)

    Using Logitech G500 (before i had Logitech MX Revolution bad sadly the beloved Thumb-Wheel got broken 8(
    The 3 mouse buttons (controlled via thumb) i'm using for UA (target/focus), Shadowfury, Rain of Fire, FelFlame, SetFocus, ClearFocus and the curses.
    The 2 additional buttons to the left of LeftClick im using for Drainsoul and DrainLife

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    Scroll up: Pet attack
    Scroll down: Pet come back

    Scroll up: Shift cat form
    Scroll down: Shift bear form

    Scroll up: Searing totem
    Scroll down: Grounding totem

    Scroll down: Stealth

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    MWUp/Down: Zoom in/out
    Ctrl MWUp/Down: Pet attack/pet follow
    Shift MWUp/Down: Set focus/Banish
    Press mousewheel: Target nearest enemy player
    Ctrl press mousewheel: Target nerest enemy

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    Mouse3: Max zoom out (script)
    Mwheelup: Zoom in
    Mwheeldown: Zoom out

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    I use it for Next/Previous target, absolutely love it. If I press shift it zooms in/out
    Edit: Pressing Scroll wheel depends on the toon.

    Shaman: Ghost Wolf
    Warrior: Charge
    Death Knight: Death Grip
    Paladin: <Not Bound>
    Mage: Blink
    Druid: Cat Form
    Warlock: Metamorphisis
    Rogue: Shadowstep
    Priest: Leap of Faith (when i reach appropriate level)
    Monk: Tiger's lust? Can't remember the name
    Hunter: Disengage

    Basically it's always something about movement, really like how i've set it up.
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    Scroll up - Shadow Word: Death
    Scroll down - Mind Blast

    Shift Scroll Up - Focus Shadow Word Death

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    Shadow Priest:

    Press mousewheel (= PM): Shadow Word: Pain
    PM + Shift: Vampiric Touch
    PM + Alt: Devouring Plague
    PM + Ctrl: Silence

    In short, all my dots.
    The scrolling itself is default commands.

    When I rarely play any of my alts I got:
    On my druid I have all HoTs in a similiar way binded, and on my Hpaladin I got the Hands on press mousewheel. (I think...)
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