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    WeakAuras Internal Cooldown question

    Ok, so I know how to track trinket procs and internal cooldowns with WeakAuras. My question: how can I make a timer / bar / icon / etc. to track the time between the end of the internal cooldown and the beginning of the proc? For most trinkets, this time period (between end of ICD and beginning of proc) is really short, but it might be significant for trinkets that, for example, have low proc rates or only proc on crit damage. If it helps, the trinket I'm trying to track is Searing Words (45% chance to proc on critical damage, 25 sec duration, 85 sec internal cooldown (source)).

    I expect this is possible through LUA coding in WeakAuras, but I don't know how :(

    Thanks in advance ~_^
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    Hiya Kerona,

    Touchymcfeel (evn on these forums) has a guide to do exactly this on his Youtube page...




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