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    What separates you from the pros?

    I watched this recently... and while ELO is no longer an issue he makes some very valid points regarding skill.


    So it got me thinking what do I do differently than the pros.

    1) Communication: (naturally having a 5 man team who can speak to each other rather than type makes for a much better experience)

    2) Farming/Last Hitting: I am terrible early game farming I think I have ADD or something but I just can't resist hitting the minions, and it always leads to me missing out on last hit and gold. That being said I HAVE tried to restrain myself in some games and while I can't say I noticed a huge increase in gold/number of minions farmed. I am not sure I really did any better at it.

    3) Tower Dives: I watch videos and pros are very good at poking and harassing while under the turret and avoiding taking turret hits. I am very much all or nothin (part of this I think is communication) if I were able to effectively communicate that, it is possible that I may get more help while diving, spending less time under a turret, and leading to more kills and less deaths. Its also quite possible that when I dive... there isn't actually a kill there to be had, and I'm just making poor decisions.

    4) Potions: I know I am terrible at using potions. I don't use them enough, and I don't use them effectively. Particularly mid fight when it would probably mean I would actually come out on top if I did in fact use it.

    5) Items With Active Abilities: I quite often forget or neglect to use items I can that are equipped. That being said I also quite often avoid items that can be activated because I feel that I am not maximizing their use. Whether I have it and don't use it, or I just don't have it, both are really BAD!

    Thats all i've got for now. (Not to say that those are the only differences) But i am interested to find out if anyone in the community actively tries to improve their game. If so what do you notice. It is quite possible that the majority are just herpin and derpin up and down the lanes like I like to think they are. But I have a feeling that is just in fact my feelings and not actual fact.
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    Just started playing last week but defo find last hitting creep and champions a major factor. Also using ignite to deal extra damage/slow healing. Just annoys me that I stun/dps/use ulti on another champ for a melee char to just run in and finish the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakazam View Post
    Just started playing last week but defo find last hitting creep and champions a major factor. Also using ignite to deal extra damage/slow healing. Just annoys me that I stun/dps/use ulti on another champ for a melee char to just run in and finish the job.
    I don't like to toot my own horn too much, but I definitely feel I use my ignite very pointedly. (Maybe not as good as pros) But I see so many people ONLY use ignite for last hits to finish a player off, rather than preventing their self heals altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Brown Eye View Post
    I don't like to toot my own horn too much, but I definitely feel I use my ignite very pointedly. (Maybe not as good as pros) But I see so many people ONLY use ignite for last hits to finish a player off, rather than preventing their self heals altogether.
    I won't lie, I forget about using ignite to stop healing unless the heals are really obvious, like a Soraka or AP Yi.

    Last hitting is a big one. My CSing is better than most, but I still have a ton of room for improvement, especially on AP mids. I end up playing mostly Cass and Anivia because my last hitting is so bad sometimes.

    Then it's mostly judgement calls. I make more stupid calls than a pro player would. It's even more obvious when I'm doing well so my team actually listens to me.

    gbay99 has great videos. All of them are worth watching (or listening to). Grading has repeatedly linked his stuff because its the truth and its really helpful.

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    Pros focus on CS in lane, both acquiring and to a slightly lesser extent denying, where as the average joe spends too much time trying to harass and misses out on CS/Loses trades.
    What good is that poke you did when you missed out on a couple CS or a cannon minion/lost the trade/took a bunch of minion aggro?

    Objective timing/control. You watch pros and they know, "ok drag spawns in 30 seconds", they are all headed that way to contest/kill it. If they can't win the fight, instead of derping about it and giving up a couple kills trying, they push a tower while lanes are empty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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    I mostly play support now and CS is definitely something I see a lot of people falling short on, even decent players with great positioning and reactions still often make several mistakes when it comes to CS, ranging from trying to harass too much instead of CSing, not knowing when and where or even how to freeze the lane to missing last hits by just auto attacking. The only time I don't primarily go for CS is when I'm on Renekton top or something where I want to take advantage of the early-mid game, I wont have as much CS as I normally do at top but my opponent will be on less and I'll be up a few kills.

    I'd say my main weakness is communication. I often assume someone is going to do something/react to what I do because it seems like the best idea to me so I dont bother asking which often ends in a cluster fuck when we're all expecting different things .

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    i have to say, it reallllllly helps having a group of friends that you can talk to in vent or something. communication is a big part, also being able to develop a simple game plan. mine is WARDS! visual control of the map has been a very decisive factor in most of my games. if my team keeps up good vision of normal ganking paths, and seeks out enemy wards regularly we often win. especially in normal games, which we tend to go to to try out group comps and strats. its not a hard concept, but so many people seem to think "warding isnt their job". its honestly noones job.. its a team effort. buy a few wards. specially early game, help the team.

    Communication, Basic Game Plan. and practice.
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    I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me. To have dipshits on a video game forum question me, is insulting.

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    I think most of the important things have been mentioned.

    I mean, I'm not a pro player myself, but I do notice the gap between newer support players and myself. A lot of people don't realize how important their job is and how much it affects the game.

    Other than things that have been said, it's just experience and knowledge. There's a ton of times where I think I'll win my lane, then end up losing it, then I notice my lane opponent having anything from 500 to 1000+ more wins than me. So playing a lot really helps in the long run.

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    Plain mechanics. Trading hits, outplaying opponents, optimising your time spent farming while still being at every teamfight, constant map awareness, "feeling" when a gank is coming due to timing, previous events, etc.
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    1) I didn't play 10k hours yet
    2) I'm not as good mechanically cos of 1
    3) My performance isn't stable
    4) I don't want to put in the time required to do 1
    5) There's a huge gap in between how good I am at different roles.
    6) Due to 1 & 5, I don't have the experience to always accurately access a situation or know what an enemy might be up to.

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    The Experience i have in the game is much smaller than the pros.

    I play competitively way too much, i get mad and sometimes rage in normal games, but i don't like playing ranked because it's too competitive.

    I still need to find a role to focus on, to learn to play one thing and get better at it instead of playing everything and not learn so much.

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    I'm not getting paid/sponsored to play a game. That's the difference.

    When it's your job (aka source of income), you take things a weeeeeee bit differently.
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    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    My desire to PvP and not sit farming in a lane only waiting for a gank.
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    1. I have no stable group of friends to play with!
    2. I don't get paid. Nor have invested 100000 hours in the game.
    3. I try to control myself, but sometimes I just can't resist to towerdive.
    4. Not enough map awareness, Might also be point one as often the team I am in does not use wards.
    5. I kind of suck!

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    1. I play safe.
    2. I don't like to play certain champs even if they're crazy OP.
    3. I play way too safe.

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    1. I play too safe
    2. I play too recklessly
    3. I dont know what to do in all different situations that i enter.
    4. I cant find a balance between 1 and 2 :P
    This is why i'm stuck at 1500 elo =(

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