View Poll Results: What is your favorite melee class ?

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  • Fury Warrior

    17 12.50%
  • Arms Warrior

    8 5.88%
  • Frost Death knight

    16 11.76%
  • Unholy Death knight

    6 4.41%
  • Retribution Paladin

    17 12.50%
  • Feral Druid

    10 7.35%
  • Windwalker Monk

    27 19.85%
  • Assassination Rogue

    7 5.15%
  • Combat Rogue

    1 0.74%
  • Subtelty Rogue

    4 2.94%
  • Enhancement Shaman

    23 16.91%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforthis123 View Post
    Check the poll?


    Guys dont spam a nice thread cmon , i cant spend all day reporting trolls /spammers :P.
    I don't think you're getting this. I'm American. It is my duty to antagonize non-native English speakers, especially the French.


    But seriously, I'm teasing. For DPS, I actually really enjoyed pre-MoP sub Rogues.

    Nowadays, I've moved onto a Brewmaster Monk, and I do rather enjoy my Windwalker spec when I'm on a 1-tank fight.
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    WW monk hands down, havent had as much fun playing melee since my tbc rogue.
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    Brewmaster monk at low levels is jut OP I love it... and then at max ww monk is nice ( at least for me :P )

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    Assassination rogue. Because fuck yeah.

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    Funniest? Enhancement Shaman...seriously...when did Shaman ever dual wield axes and rip people to shreds?

    Most fun? Either ret pally or monk.
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    I usual go for range or healers, but I have really been enjoying WW Monks. Maybe now I can actually play with a melee?

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    Old rogue. but since this reflect current state, well uhm, still vote rogue as my mind live in the past.
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    The day the world learns the difference between funniest and most fun will be a good day. :-)

    Personally, I really like my ww monk. Tons of mobility, really like the animations, and overall it just feels like a nice spec to be playing.

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    Fury warrior is actually very dull when ur not geared, i ended up leaving the class before getting geared.
    WW seems to be fun so far, i also think affliction is fun. (cata-affliction was at least)

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    Fury Warrior, Frost DK, Windwalker Monk

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    9 votes for rogues, 5 of them being for assassination - these people don't play rogues.

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    I think retribution is pretty funny in pvp, as they´re terrible. Rogue was funny, untill they got buffed (don't know whether they're any good now though, as I quit. But it was quite funny to get tickled by them).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    9 votes for rogues, 5 of them being for assassination - these people don't play rogues.
    I don't play a rogue, but, reading about them, assassination sounds the most fun! (Note , I didn't vote)

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    Frost dk for sure. Not sure why so many people voted monk. Monks are just so boring and weak to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    9 votes for rogues, 5 of them being for assassination - these people don't play rogues.
    Obviously people still find them hilarious?

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    Feral all the way!
    Although, Enha and UH (despite the hideous ramp-up) have also been rather enjoyable.

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    Most fun? I'd go with UH dk. They have a response to everything and can beat other players without making sure the other guy can't respond.
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    i Think Enhance shaman make a hilarious Melee DPS, while they are capable of dual wielding fist weapons, axes and other numerous things they all seem to run around with random gear on

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    What's more hilarious than a gnome wielding 2 tree trunks charging with fire in their wake?

    That's right, fury.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windfury View Post
    Obviously people still find them hilarious?
    Ya, the thread is about the funniest class not the funnest.

    Guy above me convinced me to go with Fury Warriors as the funniest class.

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