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    Better than paying 100g a stack for mithril and thorium and then 150-200g a stack for outland and northrend bars.

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    Oh wow glad I put off leveling blacksmithing on my warrior.

    well when i say "put off" I mean hit a wall. My server is dead and there is no low level mats on the AH and mining is a bitch because of this x-realm nonsense.

    Hope they do this for other professions, only prof I don't have maxed besides BS is tailoring but not looking forward to farming the 1200 frostweave needed to get through the wrath section.
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    Man I hope this happens for all the professions. Its gotten to the point were you can't even level a profession as you level because you tend to blow through the zones so quick. But it doesn't even matter because there isn't a single piece of craft able gear that's better then quest rewards while leveling up and if you have heirlooms those pieces don't even matter. Any BOE you make is only good as DE mats for the enchanters who only need it because they are trying to level their profession. Crafting professions are utterly pointless until you hit current content and even then only a few pattern actually sell.

    I'm wondering how this would work for mining/herb/skinning. Hopefully they will just get rid of the requirement to level it and you can just pick them up. I'ts always seem really stupid to me that you have to go through so much BS just to pick a flower/ or dig some ore out of the ground/or cut the skin off an animal.

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    If this were to expand out eventually to most all the professions, min-maxing by changing professions just got a lot easier, and the prices for MoP mats will go nuts, heh.

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    Well there is far too much Ghost Iron out in the world, so makes sense to increase the demand. Will hopefully correct other markets too.

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    LWing needs this more than BS does imo.
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    I would love this, maybe now i can level alchemy =\

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    Assuming you have the mining skill, then yes, this is incredibly easy. Just putting the time, effort to collect matts from 1-500 via the old stuff would probably cost more/require more time. Ghost iron is easy to gather in bulk in a short time, with most nodes being just a few feet away from each other in certain zones (Vally of four winds).

    I don't have a problem with changes like this being added to all other professions. I've been struggling to motivate myself to level leather working and inscription.

    Though changes like this could make all old matts completely worthless in value.
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    Just Blizz turning more optional features into "mandatory" chores again. Nothing to see here folks.

    Inscription still has it too good while everyone else is stuck asking for big tips or price gouging mats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandible View Post
    Would honestly prefer them changing the mats needed for lower level items, or how many points you got instead of this method which just requires an load of one material.
    I agree with this. Such as lowing the amount of ore to bars to 1 for Wrath and lower, and dropping some of those 6 bar patterns to 3 bar etc.

    I just power leveled Blacksmithing and Alchemy on my 85 monk, it took me roughly 2 days to farm all of the materials for Blacksmithing (Long days) and one long day to farm it for Alchemy.

    If they'd just reduce required materials for patterns, life on a whole would be much better, rather than making it too easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    I'm guessing that Cooking was the first iteration of testing a "catchup", and now Blacksmithing is being used to test a "catchup" for a primary profession.

    I would expect/hope that other profs would see something similar, with the exception of the gather profs.
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    AH CRAP, just what I didn't need, more ghost iron demand...

    Time to stock up, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImpTaimer View Post
    Just Blizz turning more optional features into "mandatory" chores again. Nothing to see here folks.
    I have no idea what you're saying here. You'll still be able to level BS via the original method.

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    It's going to remove some people from farming old ores..which means less people around the world at any given moment. Kinda sucks

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    Good, gathering old ore/herbs right now is terrible because of CRZs. Theres always like 50 people scrambling for 4 Adamantite nodes.

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    Changes like this will make gathering profs obsolete until max lvl.

    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    I have no idea what you're saying here. You'll still be able to level BS via the original method.
    It is mandatory if it is much faster or cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiterate View Post
    It is mandatory if it is much faster or cheaper.
    Easier =/= Faster =/= Cheaper

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    and on this day the bot users messed their pants. But honestly im all for this.

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    Sounds like a bandaid to let people level without dealing with CRZ related mats competition.

    I'd sure love to see this for LW. The time to farm the mats for that takes forever, and on my server the price of buying the mats to level it would be astronomical. I paid 4500g on my backwater realm to go from 350-375.

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    Bad for brand new characters who generally would take gathering profs only. Who's gonna buy low level mats now?

    And yeah, I'd like to have this for LW instead.

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