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Still gonna take forever to collect the entire set + a lot of fcking gold
True, yes, but it's very much obtainable once again. Too expensive for my taste, even though I like T3 for my main (shaman).

Besides, I'm out of bank and void storage space at this point. :P

OT: Level 60s get to run around wearing this gear after running what, half a dozen AVs? Heck, the honor could be farmed pre-60 so that by the time your toon makes it to 60, you can have the entire set ready to go.

Not sure why all the old rank 13/14 folks have their panties in a twist over this change. The title is where it's at, IMO; RBGs be damned. I only run my old pvp title on my old warrior (even though my shaman main has the same title available).