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    Rogue CM Discussion/Tips

    I'm going to be starting doing CMs soon on my rogue, if someone could direct me to a rogue guide for CMs I'd greatly appreciate that!

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    Not sure there is specifically a rogue guide. I've done 9/9 gold as combat.

    General guidelines: Use as much socketed gear as you can find, and ToT weapons are preferred. Use an alternate helm with an agi/critdmg meta (legendary meta does not function), and don't worry about set bonuses--they are disabled in CMs. A lot of groups will use invisible potions. I never used any, I used stealth where others went invis and that gives rogues an extra dps potion.

    I geared for 6% hit/exp caps, not 7.5%, and the trinkets I used were bottle of infinite stars and windswept pages. I used the animus mace and shared boss loot offhand dagger from ToT.

    Which glyphs you use will depend on your group comp and strategies used. As examples, my group, for scarlet monastery used an aoe stealthed mounted run straight to the first boss. Glyph of sprint allowed me to pop shroud and move at movement speed, keeping everyone else stealthed on their mounts. Depending on these factors, other useful glyphs might be smoke bomb (very highly recommended), expose armor, sharpened knives, redirect, feint, and shiv (I used each of these at some point for my CM runs).
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    Are the legendary 500 stat gems disabled as well in CMs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warstar
    Are the legendary 500 stat gems disabled as well in CMs?

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    Combat or assassination, depending on your preference, itemization and possibly the party setup. I went with assassination because that was the spec to raid with at the time. If you really want to put effort into CM, you want as much sockets as you can (with proper secondary stat itemization, obviously). Ditch legendary meta gem etc, they're not doing anything.

    If you decide to go with combat, I could guess that using cooldowns for bigger trash packs would be prefered since the bosses aren't usually an problem as far as time goes.

    That being said, I didn't bother with tweaking my gear for CM runs with the exception of using couple pieces of older gear with more sockets. We had zero problems with any of the instances, most of them going in gold time on first or second attempt (we always did one run to plan out and some instances we got to gold with that plan run, sometimes without flasks or invis potions etc).

    Best of luck with getting your 9/9 gold!
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    The reason you want ToT weapons is because they offer the socket that t15/t16 weapons do, but you can also add a prismatic to them (which t14 can also do, but t14 weapons are not socketed). The legendary prismatic socket DOES work in CMs.

    To be optimal as combat, you really do want a full dedicated set since the gemming is different at 463 than it is at 563. (at 463 ilevel, 1 haste is roughly 0.4 agi, at 563ish, 1 haste is roughly 0.6 agi).

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    I finished the golds a couple months back and to be honest, dont over think it. I walked in to them with a couple of guildies and as long as you can communicate and all put in a legitimate effort; you'll clear them easily.

    Yes optimizing gear may help just a bit but at the end of the day, its not going to make that much of a difference. Just have fun with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weektwo View Post
    I finished the golds a couple months back and to be honest, dont over think it. I walked in to them with a couple of guildies and as long as you can communicate and all put in a legitimate effort; you'll clear them easily.

    Yes optimizing gear may help just a bit but at the end of the day, its not going to make that much of a difference. Just have fun with it
    Very much this. It's really not as massive a thing as people make of it. I went in with my normal gear with NO changes and managed them just fine. And this was in a melee heavy setup with no lust etc. As long as you all know what you're doing, you'll be fine.

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    Question Challenge Mode as a Rogue reroll


    I beg your pardon in advance if I missed a big topic on the subject, but my forum search for "challenge rogue" did not return relevant subjects, and there was nothing in the "[Rogue] Read Before Posting & Index & GUIDES!".

    My main is not a Rogue, however I played my Rogue a lot back in Cataclysm. During MoP, I just leveled it and I run LFR and Flex weekly with good results. Probably beacause I am quite keen on the PvE side of the game with my main (so optimization, reading guides, reflexes...), and also probably because the average level in LFR and oQueue Flex is below a pig's tail.
    I think I am a good Rogue, however not tremendous.

    As there was a announcement Challenge Mode "season" is to end around the dawn of WoD, of course I would like to go full gold with my Rogue. I'm already full gold with my main (Mage) and two rerolls. So, I'm about to dance to a song a know really well. However the Rogue dancing shoes are new to me.

    I would gladly receive any advice, explanation, to do and not to do list to help me give the best of my Rogue in Challenge Mode. I'm good in raid, but I feel like CM are another caterogy with its own things to know.
    Also, I went straight from dinging 90 to being around 520 ilvl, and I bet the gameplay in raid (however LFR/Flex) at 540 ilvl has nothing in common with the gameplay at 463 ilvl in group.

    Thank you in advance,

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    first off use marked for death alot since you can maintain your buffs most of the time because mobs will die all over the place i did it with mutilate spec since yeah sub and combat are very gear dependent while mutilate is not that much gear dependent maybe things changed since its about 2 contentpatches away since ive done CM back in the days sha weapons used to be BiS and gear with alot of sokets
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues in MoP:

    -Reroll another class, who wants rougue's anyway.
    -Diablo 3 Sold 15 Million Copys
    -Haste will fix it
    -Rogue's are fine

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    Aye what Koji says.

    Combat 'is' viable but it's only strength over Mut in CMs is slightly better AoE - most CM groups run high cleave Shaman, Hunter, Mage etc. anyway. As Mut (Mut meaning Assassination by the way if you have not frequented Rogue forums before) you have ok aoe but potent single target to help drag the bosses down in a hurry.

    Make sure to use your defensives well - Evasion, Feint, Combat Readiness smoke bomb the tank etc. and learn when to time your Shroud of Concealment if you're running that + invis.

    I've run 9/9 on 2 rogues 1 as combat 1 as Mut - I felt much more useful when playing as Mut. The main difference you will see between 540 and 463 is the slack energy regen - Venemous wounds (Mut again) will make this feel a little easier to handle.

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    Well thank you both for this accelerated lesson on Rogue CM!

    I am familiar with the Mutilate spec, however I have to admit I have played only Combat since Firelands. It wasn't maybe the absolute top spec all that long, however I felt I was providing good DpS with it.

    As for the use of the defensives, I know good communication and good use of them is key to most of the difficult situations in CM, they are already bound wisely on my keyboard and my mind is ready to use them

    I guess I have some homework to do regarding the Mutilate spec, I'm good for some reading and some practicing.

    Thanks again to you Koji and Billybumbler

    Other readers, feel welcome to add some advices

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    Combat is fine. I went 9/9 as combat. If you're more comfortable playing combat you'll probably be more beneficial to your group that way. Trash is also where most of your time is spent so the extra cleave/aoe you get as combat is going to be beneficial in that respect.

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    I played the CM as sub. I got a DK/pala/mage/shaman so plenty of aoe already - i focused on really high bursts to down bosses in the shortest time possible. I tried combat for the first, but it felt so clunky (because i haven't played combat for all the exp) that i returned sub.

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    Oh and if you're on a quiet realm go hard for the Scholo realm best.

    Darkmaster is a wicked title for a rogue.

    Now I'm going to go and sulk some more over the boosters who transferred to my realm and took it off me *sniffle*

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    Thanks for the complement of information regarding the spec for CMs. I've already put myself into being an asset by playing Assa/Mutilate, however if I had a bad response to the Mutilate rythm I can switch back to Combat which I'm comfortable with.
    For Subt however, I know I'll suck balls (since I've NEVER played it :/), seems to me it would require much time before I am efficient in Subt so for this time I'll pass

    As for the Scholo realm best, my realm as quite a fair amount of really good player and realm first optimized and design teams of player, it will be virtually impossible
    I could definitely try with my Mage main still

    Thanks again for your participation.

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    I am also starting to do Cms on rouge ( rouge was main from vanilla to cata) re rolled Dk huge mistake. Anyway should I stack mastery or haste for cms? I'm not completely optimized for cms but my St is decent. Gravilo Burning blade horde ( can't link) any advice for reforge or gem? Currently in my cm set up. Thanks guy!

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    Rogue and Challenge Modes

    Anyone have any list of the best items for Challenge Modes?
    Anything I should know?

    Merged with a recent CM thread. I recommend the "search" function, since this comes up on occasion. -Kael
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    Socketed items of at least 463 item level. More sockets is better. You want gear that has stats appropriate to your spec. If combat, gem agility, not haste (2 haste < 1agi at 463 ilevel). For trinkets, I used windswept pages and bottle of infinite stars (combat). I geared for 6% hit/exp for more dps on trash, since that is where more time is spent. If gold is your goal, you'll be fine with whatever gear and at 7.5% caps. If you're shooting for realm best, you want to optimize your gear set.

    Also note: legendary meta gem does not proc in CMs so you want a secondary helm with agile primal diamond.
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    There's also some information here:

    Also merged in honor of the warning of the end of CMs. Will sticky this temporarily, as well. -Kael
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