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    Question Advice Needed For Reroll!

    Rerolling from a druid to either hunter or dk. I never raided with either before, Just looking for some advice from where they currently stand in raids and who you think will be leading the pack of the 2 come 5.2. What does most raids like to bring a good hunter or a good dk? Also i like to solo old stuff like raids,instances and farming rep with places are they both good at this? Any advice would be great thx

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    Hunter's and DK's are both great at solo'ing content, so no competition there.

    DPS wise I'm not sure what is actually stronger, but what might be noteworthy is the buffs the classes bring. A hunter can pretty much bring any buff based on his pet. DK's have two buffs afaik.

    My raid uses two DK's and a hunter. Wouldn't want to miss either tbh.

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