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    Need PvP advice.

    Well, When I hit 90 I want to PvP. I loveee fist weapons, but I also love daggers. I know Sub is pretty good PvP. How is Combat PvP? Its the only thing I can use fists as. I went to arena junkies but, well, they have Zero updated information for this expansion on Rogues. So, how do each of the specs compare for PvP and could I use fist Weapons as a Rogue and still do well?

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    Use Tmorph and play whatever spec you like

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    Neva! I want to know how well combats performance is and such.

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    your loss ^
    i require ham.

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    Combat is viable for RBGs, BGs and WPvP while you need to be Sub for Arena.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRedTerror View Post
    Combat is viable for RBGs, BGs and WPvP while you need to be Sub for Arena.
    Thank you. That answers that.

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    I mostly raid and got Combat/Assasination as specc. Can't have Sub.

    I have been going with assasination as pvp-spec.
    Which one is better for random BG's, combat or assasination?

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    Ass and combat are garbage. If you pvp stop being bad and go sub.

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