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    What is your favorite Beer?

    Personally mine is Fosters. Its got that premium Australian taste. The hops are just right and it gives your mustache that little fizzly feeling after taking a nice long sip.

    What is your favorite?

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    Love polish beer, coz well I am Polish :P. Tyskie, Lech, Zywiec, Warka..etc

    But when in doubt, can't go wrong with guinness.

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    Dogfishead 60 minute IPA is pretty damn good.

    Leinenkugel Brick House or Honey Weiss is also delicious.

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    Guinness all the way! The runner up is Killkenny
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    Puntigamer .. It's an Austrian beer, from Graz. It's a lager.

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    Guinness, but ONLY from Europe. I don't know why, but something goes.... funny when its shipped overseas to the states, which I'm quite sad about.
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    guiness is disgusting to me, its like coffee...I enjoy Killian's irish red or sam adams summer ale.

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    Heineken love it!

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    Probably Shiner Bock. There's a German restaurant here in town that gets the real elixir from the homeland, but my tastebuds were too busy having an orgy for me to remember the brand. Oh well, gives me an excuse to go back and drink some more of it.
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    Not a big liqueur fan, more of a weed guy. When I do drink, I like Bud Light: Platinum.

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    Rootbeer is best beer.

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    Mythos (Greek) Lager. I'm British but love a few when I go Greece in the summers. Has started appearing over here too so they might finally be exporting it.

    Far as OP goes - fosters, I'm afraid, is one of the poorest quality lagers imaginable. It's gassy and rather unpleasant. There's decent aussie beers (if I'm ever in a "walkabout" franchise place I like Carlton Cold) but not really the fosters tbh.

    Bourbon>everything else though
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    I've yet to encounter an IPA (India Pale Ale) I didn't enjoy. Particularly Sierra Nevada Torpedo and Stone IPA. Honestly I'm more of a Bourbon guy than a beer guy though.

    NOTE: If you don't like the taste of hops, you definitely will NOT enjoy an IPA. They're an acquired taste.
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    any craft beer that experiments with this and that get try for me. but if i had to land on the one beer that i would drink till the day i die?

    windmer bro's hefe. this shit is TITS

    but other then that ill try any stout, brown, darker beer in the range of old Rasputin from north coast or the kill devil again from windmer...fuck they make a lot of good beer.
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    Not a big liqueur fan, more of a weed guy. When I do drink, I like Bud Light: Platinum.
    Liqueur? This is a beer thread, lad!
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    Heineken love it!

    I had to...

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    There is no better beer. You wont find a more sophisticated and complex tasting beer. I got one of those "Brick" sets for Christmas.

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    I had to...
    lol that was funny.

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    I'm drinking the domestic stuff.

    So far its: Sam Adams, Yuengling, and Blue Moon sort of in that order.

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