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    Need a new Graphics card!

    I know, millions of these threads lol. I have about $350 to spend (that's about as extreme as I can get) and I'd like to get a new card. Nvidia only, would PREFER EVGA or Asus, but if I can get some good backing on another brand, I'll go with that. Currently I have a 460 SE. This is what I'm liking on the cheap end so far:


    I'm in a hurry to get out the door at the moment, so I haven't really searched much yet. Will look at any recommendations, and thanks for any help!

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    What PSU do you have?
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    1100w Tagan. Dunno about the other stats to it.

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    I can't post links but the MSI GTX 660 ti Power Edition is what I would recommend. I just purchased this card last week in that price range and it works great. MSI offers the best stock cooling system for the 660 ti and their overclocking software is very easy to use. Also most (maybe all of them, I'm not sure) 660 ti cards come with factory overclocking already done somewhat, but MSI has clocked theirs as being the second highest of the group.

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