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    New Monk Tank - Need Some Advice

    I've read through the guide, it's done a lot in the way of getting me set up to start; thank you for posting it.

    I've only just returned to WoW after a long break back in April of 2011 so I'm still adjusting. My question is, am I headed in the right direction? I'm aware of missing enchants and buckle and whatnot, that'll get slapped on tonight, doing LFR hasn't granted me a thing but I'm confident in my ability. With what I have now, (with enchants, etc.,) will I be able to tank MV 10m Reg?


    P.S. Don't be gentle, let me know if I'm doing something I shouldn't as far as my gear goes.
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    Not going to look at armory yet my first suggestion is to go and look up the BrM Weak Aura thread and import a string that tracks your key buffs, CD's, and abilities like stagger dot. Alternative would be Monk Timers. This class is 90% rotation and ability usage so make sure you understand them from the guide and have a UI that makes tracking and upkeeping what you need to as close to 100% as possible.

    Get Hit + Expertise to 7.5% through a reforge tool and the rest will probably need to all go into haste until you get more gear.

    I started tanking MSV around 46X so you are fine gear wise. Go ahead and tidy up the spots you already know are missing but it's not going to get you killed but will garner negative impressions from any fellow raiders that inspect you.

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    Understood, thanks. Will do on the WeakAuraus suggestion.
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    Looks like the sort of gear I had when I started tanking MSV normal. So long as you sort out those enchants as you say (and maybe replace that expertise gem), then you should do absolutely fine. Keep up your active mitigation (Shuffle, Elusive Brew, Guard) and always keep an eye on your HP and do whatever self healing you can via Expel Harm, Gift of the Ox orbs, etc. But you should've gotten practice with these during 5 man heroics, so should be fine.

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    Appreciate the advice fellas.
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    I agree with Surreal...

    Things look fine.. Just get your hit to cap (7.5%) and Expertise to soft-cap (7.5% already there with 7.8%) Don't stress as much with Stamina go with more Haste as Surreal said.
    I use MonkTimers it's easy to use. WeakAuras was confusing for me, but I didn't have the imports so i might look at it again.

    I use a different Meta gem, but i don't think it would matter a bunch. I use the Austere ( Stam & +2% Armor )

    Get your bracers enchanted with the lower agility enchant at least ( +50 agility ) the +180 one costs a buttload!!! and is not worth it on that piece you have now.

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    Basically if you have the ilvl for LFR, you have the ilvl for regular MSV.

    It now depends ENTIRELY upon proper execution of the BrM playstyle - if you find yourself really getting your arse kicked, throwing more gear at it won't help if you're not playing very well.

    Do note that I'm not saying you don't play well =p Just that effective management of mitigation and abilities is far, far more important for monk tanks than the gear they wear.

    If in future you want some more critique on your progress, post some combat logs rather than an armory link. The gear you wear is the lowest indication of your effectiveness as a Brewmaster =)
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