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  • No. I'm a beta cunt, what's a gym?

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    Do You Even Lift?

    The question is pretty self-explanatory.

    -Do you even lift?

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    I lift many things, as do most people that still have use of their arms.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
    I do sympathize with these so called terrorist organisations. As far as I'm concerned, at least they are fighting for something they believe in, and for what they see to be the greater good. They're not fighting to line the pockets of statesmen, governors and oil barons. I wish we could the same about the people on this side of the planet.
    Hobbes talking about Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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    wtf is with wow players and their stupidity?

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    Please don't create threads just based off 'popular' memes.


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