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    Herald of the Titans

    Question; Going to tank herald as a DK. Is it better to socket my stuff with stat gems or just do +30 stamina in every slot? Or does it make zero difference at this point? Thanks
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    Haven't tanked it as a dk but my guess is stam since dodge/parry aren't really great stats (at least not at 90) and, to my knowledge, there are no mastery gems available that can be socketed in herald ilvl gear. If you can get your hands on mastery gems, do that, but otherwise Id do stam. (Completely reforge to mastery obv).
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    I did Herald as a healer so my opinion isn't as valid, but I'd say it wouldn't really matter. Once my group was able to do the fight correctly keeping the tanks up wasn't an issue. Properly executing the mechanics was most of the struggle.

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    I'd with stam, simply because there aren't mastery gems available for you, and because algalon has a pretty high damage output on the tanks.
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    this is the DK i tanked herald of the titans with. i gemmed purely to stamina. some of the mechanics in the encounter deal huge amounts of damage which you need to be able to eat up. avoidance doesn't really help there.

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    Thanks Agit, that helps alot.
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