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    9/16 H Exp; 496 ilvl WW/BM Monk LF Mid-Evening Herioic Raiding 25-man Guild

    Starting out, I am looking for a 25-man guild who is progressing on Heroics. If you are a 10-man guild, please do not respond. I am not interested in raiding in 10-mans.

    I have been raiding since shortly after BC first came out and have experienced at level; either on my mage, druid, or now monk; most raiding content:

    BC - All raid content up to Sunwell; finished Sunwell the month between 3.0 came out and Wrath was opened up.
    Wrath - All 10 and 25 man content except for Heroic LK and Heroic Halion (cleared in cata)
    Cata - All 10 man content and Most 25-man content (cleared Sinestra on 10; not 25; cleared Rag on only 10-man)
    MoP - Currently 9/16 Heroic cleared experienced (5/6 MV; 4/6 HoF)

    I am looking for a guild who raids around 9:30/10 pm EST - 2 am EST (6:30/7 PST - 11 pm PST) (Can raid a little later if required) during the week or anytime for weekend guilds. I can raid earlier during the weekday (as early as 6:30 EST/3:30 PST) if Wednesdays can be negotiated (Work late on Wednesdays only hence the reason for the later times).

    Character - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...elritha/simple
    EpeenBot - http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/windrunner/delritha/

    Don't care whether I go Alliance or Horde.
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    I am still looking for a new guild.

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