View Poll Results: What do you think the best looking/animations for rogue (Horde) Race is?

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  • Troll/Male

    13 19.40%
  • Goblin/Male

    14 20.90%
  • Blood Elf/Male

    7 10.45%
  • Troll/Female

    6 8.96%
  • Goblin/Female

    2 2.99%
  • Blood Elf/Female

    25 37.31%
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    Never been a fan of the undead rogue.

    I love the fembelf stealth animation though.

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    Troll Rogues, They can use there tuskes as weapons too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roflzore View Post
    female troll
    I keep seeing these around, is there a secret club that makes them for the sake of it? If so it's surely the same club that makes bald Draenei males; both combinations look awful.

    Regarding the question, Troll Male/Blood Elf female easily.
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    UD male of course.

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    Voted Troll male,but I would have voted Orc Male if it was in pool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatsausername View Post
    Lol, How come? Because all the horde races arnt there? Ohh I hate the rest
    You're thread title is "what's the best horde rouge race?" But then leave out half the races, the thread should be called "out of my personal favourite races, which makes the best rogue?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shampro View Post
    Undead easily.
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    If you search the polls of arena junkies: its undead for pvp by a big margin, as will of the forsaken is 100times better than more dps/burst, cause if you are feared, you will do 0 dmg and get in trouble even.

    As for style and animation i am glad to see the voters have some common sense. Its by far indeed bloodelf female. Of course you have to use daggers or at least 1hand swords. Blood elf female btw, is also the best looking class for frost dw dks. You get the best dk skin to their face and a fluently dw animation with 2 1hand swords.
    Axes seem to look good too, even though that does not fit as much as a sword.

    For 2hand animations i would choose a different race, though, but thats not the question here.

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