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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Maybe not death metal, but here's Bragi anyway.

    Bragi is best scald-god.

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    Check this out for Diffrent Swedish Dialects!

    If you go to ''Hälsingland'' and click the ''Färila'' village you have picked my own village, kinda amazed its on that site. Heck if you play the Old Male / Äldre Man audio sample in there you will hear a person i know well IRL.

    Tought i would share this, kinda cool in my opinion^^

    PS if you want to hear something most Swedes have a really hard time to understand, pick ''Älvdalen'' and Old Lady / Äldre Kvinna thats hard to understand.
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    Holy monkey balls pasted in a guestbook, if the comet that hit Russia would've come 2 minutes earlier it would've hit Malmö. Holy crap.
    I'm a European federalist. Now you know.

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