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    Dating someone into wow?

    Okay so I have a problem. I really want to find a guy to date. Which doesn't really seem hard for a girl but I want to find a guy that plays wow or other similar games. I'm just not sure where to look. It seems like dating sites are full of weirdos and WoW is full of guys asking me to take my clothes off. How do I find a guy that plays PC games as much as I do that's not a total dbag?

    If you want to be friends message me on battle.net: anarchyash#1863.

    All ideas accepted!!

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    Just to enlighten you a little.. the world is filled with guys that want you to take your clothes off. WoW's just one of the many locations you will find them. Other locations include bars, clubs, bookstores, super markets, Taco Bells... you get the idea.

    Like in any attempt to find good people to establish relationships with, romantic or otherwise, it's a lot of trial and error. Good luck.

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    So you want to meet a decent guy that plays WoW, but then you advertise your battle.net.

    You just took steps backwards.

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