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    Which faction did you chose and why ?

    When i started to play i chose a female Night Elf, i took the Alliance cause it was on the left, and i made a night elf because i don't wanted something common like humans, gnomes and dwarves were in my opinion too ridiculous, but it was my old brother's account, i finally took one and i just wanted to change, (and i also wanted to change my serv for a PvP serv) so i chose the horde.

    And finally i prefer horde, i don't like Garrosh's horde and i hope that we'll kick him for a more level-headed and less warlike warchief, i really like the chamanic, tribal aspect of the horde, i also really like thoses little guys called gobelins, they're funky, i'm so glad that they entered the horde, how sad for Alliance, their counterpart for goblins are ... dogs.
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    I chosen Alliance because I have always went with the "good" guys before playing as the "bad" guys in most games. However, after playing it for years I now know neither side is good or bad in this game.
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    Never really chose, just went where I knew people and then changed faction with them a couple of times. Playing both sides now.

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    horde, i have played horde from warcraft 1
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    I started off as Horde. I don't really remember why, I think it was because I had an undead mage named Leshrac who was named after a hero from the original DOTA which I played for years before WOW released.

    I stayed horde on a PVP server up until the end of burning crusade, then I switched to alliance PVE. I changed to alliance when wrath came out because I wanted my death knight to be a human because human death knight just made the most sense to me, I couldn't see a troll, orc, tauren, or anything else, after playing warcraft 3 for so long prior to WOW I just couldn't see a non-human DK that wouldn't look and feel ridiculous to me. My guild that I had been in also collapsed because after we cleared sunwell, some of the officers started selling their characters and the raid team (and thus guild) just kind of collapsed. So I figure if I had to start over on a new server anyway, no point forcing myself to stay horde.

    I also took the opportunity to change from PVP to PVE at that time. I had enjoyed PVP a lot up to that point, and my druid was even gladiator for seasons 1, 2, and 3, but my interest in it had drastically started to wane and it became more of an annoying obstacle to leveling alts than something fun and engaging to participate in. Going through stranglethorn vale trying to level was so annoying. You had to be quick and have a bit of luck with you to get through there unscathed, a lot of times you'd end up getting camped and have to get your main and go kill whoever did it, then they'd cry in general chat for help and get 3-4 more max level people to come over who were all there just to camp and irritate people leveling, etc. Just annoying. So I decided to go PVE and I haven't regretted that choice. I'm glad I spent the first few years of WOW on a PVP server because it makes you more aware of your surroundings, but I wouldn't go back to that mindless gank stupidity again. It's just not real pvp. Anything else PVP related that isn't childish ganking is accessible on PVE servers, so I really don't see the point.
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    Started out as Alliance. Then i made a Horde character and i never looked back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutalion View Post
    Started out as Alliance. Then i made a Horde character and i never looked back.

    Did the same thing, except I sometimes wonder how it is playing an alliance. I will never know..

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    This is a secret :o
    Alliance because I just wanted to have a human main ^_^

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    I've hopped back and forth between Horde and Alliance over the years, starting as Alliance. I've been Alliance again for about a year now and I think that's how I'm going to stay.

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    Alliance because I don't want to play as part of the Burning Legion's Azeroth Chapter.

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    Alliance because the horde is evil.

    Not really, but I prefer Alliance because really, the races are prettier, the cities are prettier, and i'm on US Stormrage soooo. ^-^

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    Quote Originally Posted by L-P-R View Post
    Alliance because the horde is evil.

    Not really, but I prefer Alliance because really, the races are prettier, the cities are prettier, and i'm on US Stormrage soooo. ^-^
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    I chose horde because I wanted to play a shaman and it was only available to horde when I started playing... then I had friends and a guild on the horde side so I kept playing horde characters and then I just never really tried out alliance.

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    I've always been Forsaken, hence, I had to stick together with savages. I wish I could be undead and Alliance at the same time, but alas. I find Alliance more tranquil. The Horde has been stressful lately, new Orgrimmar looks like it's not supposed for people to live there.
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    Alliance, because they're actually civilized and able to form whole sentences. Also, they have the best race in the game, which is Worgen. That alone should be reason enough.
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    I chose Horde. Much preferred their story, shame when my guild transferred servers they also wanted a faction change :S

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    I went with Horde, and stayed with them, for a number of reasons, but mostly I just like being the bad guy when given the rare chance. Horde may not technically be evil, but they certainly come closer to crossing the line than Alliance does, especially these days. I love the war and honor themed culture. Also, as a zombie fanatic, there was no way I was going to resist being Undead. At the time the only advantage I saw Alliance having was better looking female races in case I wanted to go that route in an alt, but then Blood Elves came out shortly after so Horde wins in that department too. Of course I have dabbled around with Alliance too, just to see their lore and whatnot, but there is literally not a single thing about Alliance I prefer over the Horde counterpart. Worgen were the first small chance to change that, and they got screwed by animations.
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    Not sure why I choose alliance, mainly because of a few reasons.

    Mages from Warcraft 2: I loved them hence creating my human mage
    I love Drawfs
    Really liked Night Elf Archers

    Pretty much the three reasons that drew me to the alliance...

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    Horde only for Blood elves.
    Then when I rerolled servers I went Alliance and went a Draenei.
    Then I went back to horde on the next server as a troll.
    Then back to alliance as a Worgen.
    Back on horde as a Panda and a Tauren now.
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    My first ever character was Alliance on the trial version early BC, because I wanted to be on the "blue" team. It's my favorite color. :P The Night Elf animations annoyed me though and Draenei weren't available to try so then for a lark I rolled a Troll. Got hooked on Horde and had to buy the game. I love the survivalist vibe of the Horde and all the green pointy eared folk.

    I have a couple Alliance alts but if I'm honest.... Horde all the way!

    Still mad I can't use my gorgeous blue dragonhawk Horde side though Stupid favorite color... ditto for the upcoming s13 Alliance Warlock gear. Jealous!

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