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    Horde, because after looking for a high pop server with a decent battlegroup and good population that was pretty much the only option. Since most of those server are heavily horde biased 3:1 ratio

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    Rolled Horde, I never liked the 'good' side in various rpg's.
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
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    Horde, because my friends played it.

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    Alliance. Because let's face it, Jaina is a douche in MoP but less so than Garrosh.
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    In vanilla all the Horde races were ugly, so went Alliance.

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    Originally had both Alliance and Horde in Vanilla, but ended up going 99% Alliance because Horde players were obnoxiously aggressive and the Horde quests back then made the faction seem clue$&@/ed.
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    I like both factions, I play horde tho, because of a friend that made me play with him years ago when I started....
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    Choose horde on a dead realm, then my friend asked me to play with him on alliance side on another servers, he quits a month after that...

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    I started as orc but abandoned it at around lvl 20 and went worgen because my friend played alliance at the time.

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    Horde struck me as more interesting and nuanced. Humans were boring, Dwarves were okay, gnomes had potential but Blizz treats them like a joke, and the Night elves... well they were alright but then they got gimped by Blizz :P
    Twas brillig

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    Alliance, I wanted an Elf. Horde had no playable ones at that time.
    I also compared the landscapes, and found the alliance side ones visually more esthetic.
    Today, years later, I play both sides rather equally. Yet the beauty judgment remains for me. Alliance architecture and appeal is more esthetic in overall.

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    Horde was ugly.
    Horde looked evil.
    I wanted NE and human and dwarves, LotR races that represent "good".

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    Horde, out of necesity, they had undead.

    I thoroughly disagree with their philosophy otherwise.

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    The Patient
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    Alliance, because they have dwarves, and don't have genocidal abominations in their ranks.

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    Horde, because of tauren. Rolled undead for my first char though, hehe.

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    My first was a troll hunter, and I chose it because my friend who got me into the game was horde (tauren). I eventually went alliance with another friend for PvP and now I really don't care about what faction I'm on. It's all the same; trade chat is still retarded no matter what side you're on.

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    I started out as horde mainly due to their diversity in character designs. Horde just had so much more variety than the alliance and still do. I didn't care about racial abilities because those only helped a little what I worried about was how the toon looks. I'm going to look at this character a lot so why not pick a faction with more variety?

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    Alliance had Night Elves so Alliance. If I were new to the game and starting now I'd probably be Blood Elf since Blizz has done a great job with their story while thoroughly ruining the Night Elves.

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    Horde, my friends who got me into WoW played horde, and since then it has just been "home"

    Tried alliance a few times, I like their lore, but I'm too integrated into the horde to leave now :P
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    When I started I played a Human Paladin. I choosed Alliance because everyone I knew played it. Now I am horde though

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