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    As defined previously, Hardcore players are those that spend large amounts of time playing computer games. It's the opposite of the casual gamer that only occasionally plays computer games.

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    Well..It cannot be "persons who play a lot" because while guilds like Paragon or method might spend 24/7 in the first two weeks they will THEN have beaten all hardmodes (as they did in this x-pac) and then there are many many more people who still raid months later and still don't beat those bosses, effectively spending MORE time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by syom View Post
    Hellow Fellows!

    so i've been thinking for awhile what the definition of hardcore is in video-games.

    I consider somon who is hardcore:
    -very skilled
    -plays the hardest content
    -top tier

    but now a days i see allot of people who think hardcore means that they spent lots of time into the game.
    and casual means not spending allot time in game.

    so what is your opinion on this matter does hardcore mean= very skilled(PRO) or does it mean that he/she spent lots of time in gaming
    and the same for casual does it mean=not very skilled(noob so to say) or does it mean they play for just a few minutes?
    Hardcore has always been someone that devotes maximum hours of his/her day to a particular game, hobby liking. It may not translate into results or progress but the time that one has spent pretty much makes up for that.

    What would you consider a "hardcore" Role Player? Obviously you ain't measuring progress here, more that the person stays in character at all times.

    But "hardcore" is viewed differently depending on the type of game and genre.

    Someone could be a "hardcore" WoW player but never does any Heroic raids or competitive PVP. But he still spends a majority of his time in WoW levelling alts, playing the AH, questing, etc. So basically he doesn't really play any other game besides WoW.

    I think you are looking at it from a different perspective only cause to actually make serious progress, push realm/world ranking you really have to be hardcore, as in invest a lot of time in the game. So anyone that aims for the top would have to be willing to commit serious time investment but its not the other way around.

    For about a year when I played WoW I spent a majority of my day only playing WoW, but the worst part of it was I didn't do anything constructive as in any serious progress in raids or PVP only cause I often found it hard setting aside 3-4 hours for an entire raid including progression fights and all and also it was hard finding a guild that raided during the day. But I would often level alts and spend the next month gearing the said alt up and starting again. I probably had around 3-4 mains during my WoW career. I only had a DK during the entirety of WTLK cause I was still learning the game then. Then I switched to a Paladin and she was my main till around Firelands when I levelled a Hunter and a Priest before taking a break. They were all my mains for short durations. When I returned I started on a new realm and levelled a Mage, Druid, another Paladin, a Shammy till around level 60 and a Rogue on the Horde side. So most of my raiding experience in WoW has mostly been in PUGs or guild alt runs when bosses have been on farm. But I've never been in guilds that were still pushing for Heroic kills when the content was relevant as it never interested me.

    Casual has always been those that don't spend much time in the game but then again it depends on the game itself. Something as broad as an MMO is hard to give a clear example with. But something like CoD or an RPG where you only have one way of actually playing the game, people pick it up for half an hour or an hour and come back to it in a few days or spend minimum time on it.

    Its hard defining casual in an MMO setting cause there are so many ways to play the game each offering something different for different enthusiasts. So you have the PVP crowd, the PVE crowd, the quest - daily only crowd, the RP crowd, etc. I knew a lot of people during my time in WoW that would do nothing besides level up their characters and then wanted to try some PVP. I hated telling her she wouldn't make it in PVP but she really had a hard time playing her a rogue. But she didn't take it seriously and loses didn't really matter to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Well..It cannot be "persons who play a lot" because while guilds like Paragon or method might spend 24/7 in the first two weeks they will THEN have beaten all hardmodes (as they did in this x-pac) and then there are many many more people who still raid months later and still don't beat those bosses, effectively spending MORE time.
    Well they spend the first 2 weeks spending 24/7 cause they have spent the previous 2-3 months 24/7 testing the raids and trying out different strats. That is one of the reason why they have it easier than expected.

    Quite frankly its comparing apples and oranges. There are just so many factors to consider in this equation that you are completely missing the point. The people that are still raiding for months down the road are people that really ain't worried about some kind of ranking. They are in guilds with no strict attendance requirement and a more relaxed environment. The goals and objectives ain't the same.

    But I know how frustrating it can get when at the end of the night after spending 4 hours on Ragnaros on Normal you still can't get it right so you end up calling it.
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    High skill and desire for more challenges are the direct results of investing a lot of time and effort into a video game. Well, usually. I imagine that playing for days on easy is possible even if would be boring as hell.
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    A person who spends so much time gaming that it becomes a priority if not THE priority in life.

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