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Thread: MOBA noob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    And I am talking about rabid DotA fanboys, I did not mention anyone by name in my first post in this thread. It is you who indirectly applied the term "fanboy" to him and if you qualify him under that category then it's on you.
    I quote Swifty saying he was bashing and you reply to me, talking on the same subject. That was you being ambiguous, if anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caine View Post
    Do you understand the difference? Pointing out what you dislike about a game is not bashing.
    (Unless it's about League of Legends)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okuu View Post
    I quote Swifty saying he was bashing and you reply to me, talking on the same subject. That was you being ambiguous, if anything.
    Quote Originally Posted by Okuu View Post
    If anything, the fact that you'd shit on the DotA fanboys but not the LoL ones is even more pathetic.
    That was you replying directly to me if anything.
    As for the second part of my reply, Swifty mentioned Aleitoc and some other dude - in the part where I quoted your reply to Swifty I also quoted that "other dude" he obviously meant and you obviously ignored.
    Quote Originally Posted by Okuu View Post
    (Unless it's about League of Legends)
    What part of the posts I quoted as mindless bashing is reasonable criticism? Saying "DotA camera is bad and I can't make it work well for me, I also dislike the overcomplicated abilities and graphics make it harder to figure out what is going on in the game" is not bashing. Saying "LoL sucks and is easy mode DotA, if you have any pride you are going to play DotA" is bashing. Do you understand if I say it this clear?
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    Once your done learning in LoL ide really suggest going onto dota, you get 100x more out of the game when you play at that level, unfortunately you will probably suck at dota even after 500 games of league. The learning curve is like a brickwall with thumbtacks on it, but once you learn it you'll be all like "MAN that courier is hella useful" or "how the hell have I lasted this long without TP scrolls".

    I personally after having played both for a very long time would say that you should learn in dota, not because its less forgiving but because you'll be amazing at LoL once you have. If you want to know which game looks better its definately Dota (valve are just immense at anything they do) I know artstyle is subjective as hell, but if you appreciate fine detail and quality then theres only 1 choice.

    Bug wise, dota2 is still in beta however theres really not a lot of bugs, the occasional shop glitch and stuff, all usually just require quick reboots, LoL doesnt have much bugs either, its mostly all pisspoor lobby / website coding. Although occasionally you might fire an ulti at someone and itl go straight through them.

    I like both games and LoL is my prefered choice if I cant be arsed playing something too difficult but if your asking me based on what is a good all rounder on the dota scene, then Dota 2 beats the competition. (I dont count smite cause its not really the same genre imo)

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    I think the reason playing LoL a lot won't have a high effect on Dota 2 is because they have quite a different "feel".
    If you play LoL, then play Dota 2 (or vice versa), you'll see what I mean.

    Okay, as an example, let's take Mario and Sonic.

    Mario is about getting to the end safely, jumping around on the right spots at the right time.
    Sonic is about getting to the end as fast as possible, being about reacting quickly to things that comes at you fast.

    It's that kinda thing. They're two pretty similar concepts, in the same genre, but they still have a different "feel" to them.
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    the best moba is heroes of newerth

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    I gave a warning and it was ignored. Game bashing and flaming other users is not acceptable, thread closed.

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