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    Post Do you think Blood Elf Males are feminine?

    Is this haha rofl he/she is playing a gay race period over? As im thinking of rolling one but dont want to get to lvl 45 and be griefed about it IMO I think they are bad ass elves, with their stance and animations. Whats your opinion?

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    I think you should do what you want, and not let other people dictate how you play the game. If you like the male blood elf, play one, and just put anyone that would give you grief on ignore.

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    I played a belf warlock out the door and never got hassled...

    Also, if people grief you, just stick them on ignore? I mean seriously it's not that complicated.
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    It was just a thing that was "popular" back when Blood Elfes were new. "omg gay!!!"
    No they're not gay. They're just different! Or normal... wait what!

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    They look and act girlish, to say the least.

    Compared to the brutish races of horde, they look even more girlish.

    Also that "high and mighty" attitude makes them look a bit queer (no offense intended to anyone).
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    Yes, they are.

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    Think for yourself, Whatsausername.

    Also, enjoy what ever you want. Stop listening to other people.

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    Yes they are, I wouldnt recommend playing one.

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    Yeah they are, can't stand them.

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    They're not even manly enough to be feminine.
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    This is like asking if Worgen are furry.

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    I don't know what game you're playing but they sound pretty cynical and deadly when I play a blood elf. Some of their animations aren't as masculine as other races, but none of them are feminine
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    Look at their muscles, they look worked out. The dance denotes a plethora of testosterone. They look masculine, with green eyes, and gorgeous ears. How can you not find him a hunk?
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    Worst Horde race choice by far!

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    Are they? No, I don't think so - yet I wouldn't play one.
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    Not at all, blood elves are just fine imo and I can only disagree with the ones who think otherwise. If anything I ignore the ones who're too adamant about it.

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    If you want to play one, play one. If someone hassles you about it, tell them where to go and then put them on ignore.

    Most of my characters are Horde right now but I recently rolled another Alliance (which I was for the first 4.5 years I played) and looking at human males got me thinking...most of the same guys who complain about male blood elves use the same exact hairstyle options for their male humans and think it's fine. Yet I'm convinced it's mostly the long hair that has people calling them feminine.

    It doesn't make much sense to me, personally. Sure, they're smaller than most of the other Horde races...they're blood elves! They're still muscular and their animations are still elf-like if you compare them to night elves.

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    We Bloodelfs dont have Males. We have Females and the little more muscular Females

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    In comparison to the rest of WoW races? Yes, of course.

    In comparison to actual body types and actual people? No, they're still stupidly muscular and masculine. Gief back the original male belfs, please.

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