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    Remove Compression Part of import/export in WeakAuras?

    Please see the link below and the error that this guy got. I am getting the same error when trying to export/import a fairly large string.


    Now he found a solution to the problem. I've tried contacting him on getting an answer on how he did this, but was unsuccessful. I was hoping that someone on these forums would be able to help.

    (And before anyone mentions it, I do not want to split up my large WeakAura and break it up into smaller strings, personal preference.)

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    A common problem is that you copied the string from a forum like mmochamp and the formating of the site created spaces that are not really in the string.
    You could try to manualy find them :P

    If this isnt the problem i cant help you :<

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    No, that's not the problem. I have a weakaura group of my own that I've been trying to export to friends or whoever. I use pastpin to send it to them. Still no luck.

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    Bumping this thread... still trying to figure out how to do this. HALP!

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    You can export as a LUA table.
    old mistweaver probably still better than u

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reglitch View Post
    You can export as a LUA table.
    Just tried that. I also tried importing it as well and I get a "Error decompressing: Unknown compression method ()"

    This is the table. Is there a certain way to import it?


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    You could try dropping it into your wtf/accname/savedvariables/weakauras.lua file, make sure you delete the .bak that is there of the same name also.
    old mistweaver probably still better than u

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