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    Level 80 Twink DK soloing Questions and Answers.

    Hi everyone I have just started to twink my level 80 Dk to solo WOTLK raids and maybe Cata if you can still get into them and I got a few questions. So I decided to make a thread where people could ask any questions to help fellow level 80 dk's with the soloing.

    So here is my questions. "will post the battle.net link to my dk below"


    1. What is the normal rotation for a level 80 twink DK. I am wanting to solo heroic 10/25man ICC more then anything. I do not have the full set of gear yet I am 3 items short "Alch Tricket/Chest/Wrist" My avoid is around 85% total 14.50% dodge and around 70.65% parry.

    2. Why do people get the ICC gear that has slots for the WOTLK gems that give str+20 when the cata blue BS tank gear gives more str for parry. is it for the slot bonus?

    3.What are some useful marco's besides the death-coil+Lich one I got that.

    4.I am a point and click while pushing keys with the other hand kind of player so any tips would be great besides "Learn to bind keys".

    My most recent solo was the earth boss in VOA beat him with around 12k dps and 2mins left on enrage it wasn't really hard or anything just mainly a test.

    If this can be the officialy Twink level 80 dk thread that would be awesome or if there is already one sorry didn't see it.
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