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    Now I'm just a layman, but overall you do a good job at singing the right tones. The chorus at 1:24-ish sounds like you're not quite able to reach the correct tone, and it sounds a bit false.

    My layman opinion: I see potential, maybe hit up a singing trainer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuppy View Post
    Hey whoah! Definitely a guy singing and that's just great!
    IMO the "shakyness" brings out a nice vibe to it. I think many indie artists have a shaky voice (Not sure if it's on-purpose or not), and it sounds great!
    Oh I can just think of you singing with an old washed up acoustic guitar somewhere in the alley. Girls will fall man!

    On a second listen, I wish I could sing aswell! Also it's quite unique voice to me. Wouldn't hurt to hear some more
    Wow, thank you

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but like others, I wasn't entirely sure if you were male or female. And honestly, Melissa Ethridge first popped into my mind. But overall, it was actually pretty good. Keep practicing, possibly get a teacher, and you would actually be really good.

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    not bad man

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    Subbed, carry on making those.

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    New Song is up, a friend requested it, even though i don't like the song i did it

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    A bit out of tune sometimes, do as the other guy said and get a singing trainer.

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    new song is up

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    In response to your latest, vid... You really need to clean up your words. There'stoomuchsinginglykdisicantellwatursayin. Enunciate more.
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    I'dd say you need some breathing excercises - other than that, your potential is quite good for your genre (guessing the genre, from what you uploaded)..
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    Well, it's definitely better than me, that's for sure. lol. It sounds alright to me. I'm not an expert by any means, but it seemed shaky in different areas of the first song I listened to as well as some breathing problems. If you enjoy singing though, maybe take some lessons to improve. You obviously enjoy it, so keep it up. Maybe we'll see you on American Idol or some singing competition one day. Not that I will know, I don't watch that crap. lol.

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    I do have a good singing voice but unfortunately I wasnt able to take care of it. I focused more on my dancing skills.

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    where are you getting these backing tracks from??

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    If you want me to be honest, first, as Vizzle said, you need to clear up your words a bit, they seem to merge quite a bit, and second, i don't know if it's just your voice, but you sound very nasal, Apart from that i think you could do quite well with some voice coaching

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    you sound like you're trying really hard and it sucks

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    I listened to that Diamonds in the sky one. You're too muffled and unclear with your pronunciation, like mumbling but while singing, and towards the end it just turns into complete gibberish. Intonation/tuning wise you're not too bad but you're not singing anything that is challenging your voice, you have the typical control of an amatuer that hasn't had lessons but does have some natural degree of control. Tone wise I found you a bit whiney, and amatuerish like you're trying really hard but havent really got a clue how to find the sound in your own voice.

    Basically you do have some natural ability but if you want to be a singer you need to work on it and work on it hard, you could definitely use some lessons. As for your recordings, try putting some compression on your vocals to help with your lack of projection/control over dynamics.

    Don't mean to be harsh, but if you have a bunch of people telling you that you're awesome then might consider yourself happy with where you are, and where you are is not somewhere you should be happy with if you want to be considered a good singer.
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    New Song is up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighthoof View Post
    This was amazing! Your voice is really good! I would love a full version of this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdoz View Post
    This was amazing! Your voice is really good! I would love a full version of this!
    I will do a Full version on friday if you want to check it out

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    Well it isn't bad, that's for sure. But it isn't to my personal liking.

    Can't appeal to everyone anyway.

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