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    Boomkin Question

    just hit 90 on my druid, and have played feral/bear ever since BC pretty much. But i wanted a change and switched to boomkin. I looked a couple of places, but couldnt find stats for pvp boomkins, as to which secondary stat is better for pvp? Haste for more procs? or crit for higher hits on the procs? Any help would be great, still getting use to the different play

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    Look high rated boomkins

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    Noxxic is one of the better website for what's best for your class or spec. It tells you reforge priority, what to gem, etc.


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    Yeah i looked at noxxic, i use them alot of pve stuff in cata, wasn't sure how good/accurate their stuff is for pvp, heard they're kinda iffy on some class/specs

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but boomkin procs come from critting either way. Besides, resilience is the most important stat 90% of the time right now because of insane damage. If you can't find a guide anywhere I would just do Int/Resil, pure Resil, and Resil/Pvp Power in their respective gem slots and reforge for crit.

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    Depends what you want to do. I'd gem Resi regardless.

    Regarding reforging, some boomkins are going for haste breakpoint for extra ticks on DoTs, some people are going full mastery for more pressure, some people are going crit for random starsurge 1shots during CDs. It really depends on what you're doing and what comp.

    I'd probably go Haste for RBGs and Crit for 2s. I dont think Mastery is that great and I dont know whats best for 3s, it varies on comp. I prefer Haste playstyle but I've seen a lot of Boomkins run full crit and 1shot people during beam vortex.

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    Really all up to you. But from experience, haste is better for arena/2s and crit is better for RBGs.
    Resil is better for arena and pvp power is better for RBGs. Really depends on if you are getting focused, but for the most part I usually am not being focused in my RBGs.

    Only thing you should never do is go full mastery. It's our worst stat -- and crit and haste give way better benefits.
    I personally stack full pvp power. I have 14,300 pvp power and 6,000 resil. For RBGs, that is decent.

    Also, Noxxic is terrible for balance info. :P
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    i would recomend a stat priority like this resiliance>pvppower>crit>haste

    with crit and pvppower about the same scale you want to get a decent amount of crit for procs.

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    To expand a bit on what some other people have pointed out, if you are playing in 2v2 or 3v3 you want to go for haste. You gem Resilience, and reforge haste. Don't worry about breakpoints and min maxing your stats to gain an extra .4% crit after you get a haste breakpoint, just do haste on everything you can. Reforge out of mastery on pieces that already have haste into crit.

    The thinking behind this is that in small group play you will not have a high crit chance (maybe 18%) and stacking crit will gain you maybe a few percent. With not many targets for multidot you won't get a lot of starsurge procs. Your job in small arena play is to cast cyclone, cast entangling roots, cast healing touch sometimes, etc. You are casting a lot in small arena play because your job is to control and peel when you don't have cooldowns up. (dependent on your comp of course). In general, the reduction in cast times and the speed of dot/hot ticks will be more beneficial than a few % crit. You want loads of resilience just because of the nature of PvP right now. Also, most of the time you are there to assist the other dps during a vortex/beam trying to force defensives or get a kill. A lot of my time is actually spent kiting and pillar healing myself when I am waiting on CDs or opportunities.

    Now, for RBG/BGs you want to pump all you can into crit. The thinking changes radically in a larger scale fight. Your job here is to throw clones on healers and dot everything you see. The high amount of dots you will have up will make all that crit more attractive for starsurge procs. You can chain cast those a lot of times once you get rolling. If you know you will be doing RBG mostly, I would go full PvP power and crit and stand in the back lines rocking people. You will put out so much pressure with beam/vortex and clone that your dots will make it very hard to manage. CA is great in RBG because you can double dot an entire team with starfall going casting instant starsurges like a machine gun and healing your team (assuming NV). That is the real reason NV is getting nerfed btw.

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    Tyrean's advice is the best advice you're going to find. Don't blindly listen to what everyone else is saying. The reality is.... there is no straightforward way to reforge and gem for pvp boomkin. Cause for instance, I'm an RBG-er. If I stacked Resil (like some have suggested), I wouldn't have enough PvP Power to put pressure on healers at the initial first engagement. Like I said, I have over 14k pvp power. I ignore gem bonuses, just straight power. So that is what works best for me.
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