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    pull timer


    i'm currently using bigwigs as tank so i was wondering if there is a way to still make pre pulls countdown even without DBM.

    thanks in advance.

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    I was gonna say dbm lol

    No idea, Im sure curse will have those stuff for you.
    Or you can just macro an anouncement and imitate what dbm does.

    BTW why would you not want dbm?

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    Latest BigWigs versions have pull functionality (they even interface with DBM so users of that bossmod should get them)

    Alternatively you could use a standalone addon like Pull Countdown to do announces (no bars)

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    You could use a macro with /in /rw timings, but probably easier to just download a lightweight addon.

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    You can do /dbm pull 10 or use PhoenixStyles pull timer, which has an abort method option if you /pull again and sends timers for DBM, BigWigs and DeusVox.

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    Just run DBm in addition to bigwigs, but disable everything but the core. Works for me.

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    /bwcb x y

    Where x is the number of seconds and y is the text you want to appear.
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    You could just use your mic and countdown in vent/mumble.

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    You could just use your mic and countdown in vent/mumble.
    But if there are pulltimers available, you're not using your options to their fullest potential; a pulltimer is simply much more accurate than a human counting down imperfect seconds.
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