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    Hong Kong obituaries

    This is a shot in the dark. Are Hong Kong obituaries available online? If so, what is the most popular sites to read these? Thank you.

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    have you tried, you know, googling "hong kong obituaries"? I get 5.5M results from that single query.
    Because I want to say this every single day but don't want it to get a drag:
    1) The ingame store will only sell timesaver items. It won't affect balance.
    2) No, getting to 100 in half the time isn't pay2win. raids don't start until the second week, everyone has time to get there.
    4) getting charms faster is also not pay2win. getting those is easy, but not everyone has the time or want for dailies.

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    Yes. And I tried 讣告 香港 too. And the "Hong Kong obituaries" searches tends to pull up ex-Hong Kong nationals who died in the US or CA.

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