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    Purchasing habits question

    So went to gamestop last night to ask about a couple of deals they have going on and there was a line last night for the midnight release for Black Ops III. It occurred to me that i haven't been to a midnight release in quite a while. Me and my friends used to goto the wow releases every expansion. Now I seem to have migrated to digital download for my purchases. So I'm curious.

    Do you buy physical copies of games still or do you buy the digital downloads?

    Also do you goto midnight releases?

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    Thought about going to the midnight release of Fallout 4 that's in a store like 5km from my house. But then i thought why'd i do that when i can just buy it from home with a click of a button. In addition to the bus ticket it would have also cost me like 20 euros more. Unless it's a special collectors edition or something, or you just like collecting the physical copies (which i don't) i don't really see a point in it.

    The last physical copy that i bought was Cataclysm (i think).

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    On consoles I prefer physical copies for two reasons: unreliable download speeds and potential resell value should I ever want to.

    On PC I prefer a digital copy. Biggest reason is steam has gotten it right since they launched. EA even offers a great game guarantee on its first party origin titles. I can max out my connection downloading from either service.

    That being said, all digital in the future is fine with me as well, provided console makers upgrade their available bandwidth.

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    Physical for brand new games. For old games unless I'm buying it used, digital.

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    Digital because I dont actually care about having a box or going out to buy a game. I do still get boxes sometimes for ps4,xbone and wii/wiiU just because sometimes its more of a hassle d/ling.
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    PC: Always digital unless there is CE I like.

    Consoles: Mostly physical though I get digital games if that's the only way to play them (i.e. Tell Tale games).

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    As a PC only player always digital downloads and I have never been to a midnight release.

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    You know, once upon a time wow was big and popular and wotlk was about to be launched. Me and my bf headed for midnight launch at game shop downtown and the queue was huge and people were dressed up like wow characters =) My first and only midnight launch, and it was really epic. I did however buy a physical box of wildstar recently, but because I got the best reward ever for doing it =) Otherwise it's usually smoother to just buy digital copies of games.
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    I like to go for physical copies. I guess part of that is just the "old fashioned and stuck to habits" thing, but I also have a shit download speed. Digital download for a game that's like 10GB+ in size means I won't get to play it for a few hours.

    I never go to midnight releases. In fact, I usually don't get games on launch day. SC2 Wings of Liberty is the last time I got that excited about a game. Also...there's a Wal Mart 5 minutes from my house and a Gamestop about 30-40 minutes away, so it's not like I have to go far for a physical copy anyway.

    Although I still do downloads a lot just because of Steam. Usually with the understanding that I'm going to start the game's download now but not actually play it until tomorrow.
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    Digital for console and PC. Screw disks.

    Besides, we've got an Xbox at work so if I want to play a game at work, I don't want to be assed to take my disk in.

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