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    **501 Fury warrior ranked 12/16 hm exp LF PST raid**

    **READ THIS FIRST************
    I am active duty in the Navy, and unfortunately, I will not be able to make every raid due to these circumstances. IE being on duty stuck on the ship one night a week. I hate to not be 100% attendance, but these responsibilities can not be worked around.


    Raid experience -
    Vanilla - Late AQ40 / Early Naxx
    BC - Pushed the bleeding edge of progression. Finished Sunwell 6 months before WotLK came out and enjoyed a well earned break.
    WotLK - Continued the hard progression into Firefighter and Alone in the Darkness attempts. Joined the Navy. Went casual.
    Cata - No progression raiding.
    MoP- 12/16 hardmode experience. With many attempts at the last 4.

    World of Logs -
    A couple of my ranked parses.

    My goals -
    First and foremost is progression. But I'm looking for an adult environment to do it in.

    * I have Mumble and Ventrilo, with a working headset/microphone and all relevant raiding addons.
    * Will have 100% attendance when not stuck at work. (Stuck onboard my boat once every 6 days.)
    * I don't die to avoidable raid mechanics repeatedly.
    * I understand the warrior class/spec's mechanics very well.
    * I know how to give and accept constructive criticism without causing drama.
    * I come to each raid prepared with knowledge of the encounter(s), proper consumables, spec and glyphs, and am willing to respec/reglyph if an encounter demands it.
    * I have knowledge of and experience with the current tier of raid content.

    Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Check our times and see if they jive with your schedule. If so, we would be interested in an interview. Check out our site or hit one of us up on realid for more info. Obligatory basic info listed below. Best of luck to you regardless of where you end up!

    Thirteen Thirty Seven - US Lightbringer is currently 6/6H 25 vaults. 6/6H 25 man Heart of Fear. 2/4H 25 man ToES.

    Raid times (PST):

    Tuesday 7:00p - 10:30p
    Wednesday 7:00p - 10:30p
    Thursday 7:00p - 10:30p
    Monday 7:00p - 10:30p

    Apply at :

    Or just contact us on Real ID!
    Realid Contacts:
    GM: Tibiron#1639

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