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    ((Okay, it's been five days... no sign of Khor. I'm getting this started, I'm tired of waiting.))

    Duronos nodded to the group. They knew what to do. This was not going to be easy though. The paladin closed his eyes in a silent prayer to the light and shifted his body ever so slightly, leaning forward. With a roar, he charged into the room, heading straight for the nearest group of demons patrolling around the warlocks, mace raised high.

    The Dreadlord looked up from those he surveyed at the scream. "What?? Intruders! Slaughter them in the name of Lord Delmhollow!"

    A growl tore from the throat of the felguard as he raised his mighty axe. The dwarf was crafty though and managed to sidestep the attack, retaliating with a blow to the knee, shattering the demon's joint. Limiting one's opponent's ability to move is one of the simpler ways to gain an advantage in combat.

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    Faust followed Duronos lead following the well placed hamstring. Using his pole arm to vault himself forward he delivered a powerful kick to the felguards chest. He landed back on his feet and before he could go for a kill shot with his spear another felguard descended upon him forcing him to turn his attack into a feint, then ducking under the attempted decapitation. A few pieces of hair fell to the ground causing Faust's eye's to widen That was close... He saw an opening from his lowered perspective and went for it, peforming a quick upward smash with the blunt end of the polearm into the crotch of his enemy. It was a dirty tactic but it produced results...on non-demon fighters. The Fel Guard pressed the attack, shaking off the blow intended to disable him and threw a hay maker styled punch. Faust raised his guard just in time, the punch connected knocking him down to the ground. Faust sprung back to his feet, "​Well Duronos, looks like we have our hands full!"

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    ((You were waiting on me? I'm sorry I thought Ryan and Lou would do some sneaking before the real fight starts that's why I didn't see the need to add anything to my last post. ah well. ))

    The paladin's charge surprised the marksman. He was dead set on Ryan and Lou Shen sneaking in first. Erdin looked around for some kind of proper cover to set up for his sniping. He also tried to measure the distances towards the three groups of demons to assess his chanced of hitting with his slightly crooked scope.

    ((What I would need then is the rough distances towards the demons (firstly the succubi.) and if near the group there would be any proper cover for Erdin. He would be looking for boxes or heaps of sacks first and foremost but a big rock would do.))

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    ((All the demons save the Dreadlord are between 15-30 meters away from the group, with each pack being about 3 meters away from each other. Some are closer, others are further away. There's some stalagmites you could use for cover, but no boxes or sacks or anything like that. The warlocks are past needing those supplies for their plans.))

    The felguard, angry with the human, unsheathed his battleaxe and with a deep bellow, brought it up behind him and swiftly brought it back down in a terrifying cleave, aiming to split Faust in two.

    Duronos' felguard was having more difficulty. It couldn't move its leg properly and the dwarf, as unlikely as it sounded, was able to easily duck and weave through the demon's blows. Thankfully, he wasn't alone. Shouting out, he summoned one of his voidwalker companions to join the fight. The creature gave off a haunting scream as it charged the dwarf, who dodged as the shouting between the two demons tipped him off. However, he had lost his footing, and the felguard was able to clip him as he was staggering. It was a light wound, but it stung terribly. Duronos cursed himself. He had to be more careful. The voidwalker was quick to follow through, focusing its dark magics into an arcane bolt.

    Beginning to have a bit of difficulty fending off two enemies at once, Duronos wasn't exactly able to carry a conversation. "Hold off on the banter till we've won!" shouted the dwarf, as he raised his shield just in time to block the voidwalker's shadow bolt.

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    Erdin looked around. No proper cover. "ah well, who said this would be easy?" The marksman kneeled down and rested the elbow of his left arm on his left knee. He supported the barrel with his right hand and started to take aim at the demons. "Hmm. No use sending bullets through voidwalkers. And those pesky imps are too small a target. I'll take my change with the succubi." Erdin trimmed his aim at one of the Succubi, carefully aiming for the center of her body.

    ((maybe someone noticed, Erdin is left handed. Also I didn't want to shoot just yet because he was somewhat caught "off guard" ))

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    ((So Fic's waiting on more people to post... and I can't really do much more with my guys... so... come on people :< ))

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    ((Alright. Elyaan (or populaire) got himself banned. Aramore's not posting. We're waiting on too many people... I'm not going to wait another week for the chance to finish this. I'm done.))

    ((the plotline if anyone cared was that this Delmhollow was corrupting wheat grown in Westfall meant for consumption in Stormwind. He wished to corrupt the people there and establish a new kingdom, of which he would be lord of all. He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for some pesky... not kids.))

    ((If you guys want to continue it, then just say but I gotta admit I'm not very happy :< ))

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    ((Sorry it didn't work out man. I will share in your carrot mouth of sadness :<))

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