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    Quote Originally Posted by mongoose6 View Post
    Have you checked out the shammy set? Blech.
    Have you seen it? Amazing. /roar as a male panda completely engulfs them in fire. Looks dangerous. Plus, they have grenade launchers on their shoulders and femshaman get a nice bikini top.

    Pretty much every CM set looks absolutely amazing (imo). The /roar and ability effects are just secondary; no other set even has an equivalent.

    It would be cool if the smoke effect procced off all our builders rather than just Mut, but that doesn't detract from the set majorly. Hopefully they'll fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrathblade View Post
    be glad you have a nice transmog set...

    my mage is not happy looking like a damm wizard of oz!

    ill trade the mage set for that sexy warlock set any day.

    also you guys remember the previews of those gold challange sets?
    i recall there beeing 3 collors for the paladin set. i loved the red set. yet it's not ingame?
    I think those were supposed to be for the different difficulties that you had completed, but they scrapped that idea along with the armor from what I can remember.

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    Shoulders look amazing on male Orcs (and the set in general)

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    Quote Originally Posted by titcch View Post
    I sent in a ticket to Blizzard back in 2012 and after getting past all the crap with them (Delete Cache/WTF folders), they finally admitted that it's a "technical" bug and they can't just fix it, but there will be a "future" update and we'll know about it. Something to do with them having to fully re-make the gear again to work with other abilities. I also farmed just for the smoke-like effect and was epicly let down.
    Thanks for the Heads-up! I sincerely hope they do it. In the meanwhile, i will mog my old set again.

    And honestly, the shaman set is one of the most epic of all. FINALLY TOTEMS on our backs. That's Warcraft, Son!

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    I have the mage and shaman and working on rogue. Those three are the best IMO. The shaman one looks good on panda with wotlk chain kilt and chest and the shield from that pvp tier. It fits perfectly. Keep the belt/shoulders/gloves/boots. The mage set is 'ok' it seems kind of not quite so magely but it's nice. The rogue set is just very nicely styled and the fire + smoke is awesome. If it gets fixed to work with other abilities it'll just be better.

    Oh Paladin would be the only other one I'd want.

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    The rogue set looks pretty decent, but my favorite one is Paladin by far. As for the Shaman set.. I won't be getting golds on my Shaman anytime soon.

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    I kind of like it =D

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    I actually lol'd.

    EDIT: just asking, is it possible to do xrealm challenge modes? If someone wants to boost me XD
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    Crossrealm works. I've got a spot on my mage team next week, but we're horde

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lachtobi View Post
    Crossrealm works. I've got a spot on my mage team next week, but we're horde
    I cannot post memes, but you should undesrtand my facial expression now :P
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