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    So pally soloed TOT boss.

    I do not play the game anymore so I would not even bother providing you fools the video.
    I do not care
    Believe it or not.

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    Someone is quite envious I'm just saying.

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    So... point out something interesting, refuse to provide video. Point of thread is what exactly...?

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    Makes claim, doesn't back it up, claims he doesn't care but posted anyway. Yeah I don't know why you posted or why you wasted your time if you don't care nor care enough to post the video.

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    i'm gonna go ahead and say

    pics or it didn't happen
    <insert witty signature here>

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    this thread is informative and interesting

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    look out! it's a Trap ... er Troll ^^
    My signature was too big, so now I use this one.

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    I don't play the game but yet i am watching videos about the game and posting on a forum about the game, yet i don't care about the gamer, no really....!

    Trolls get less and less original each day....
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    If you are going to make a thread of this type then at least provide evidence of your claim such as a video. Since any such evidence is absent I will close this thread.

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