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    It's funny because...

    ‎Blizzard just launched and it seems like it's StarCraft 2 related. What do you think it is for?

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    about an hour ago

    Might be wrong but they think its SC2 related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apoulsen View Post
    Project Titan is the new MMORPG = WoW 2.0

    This is sc2, STARCRAFT 2.

    And how will real time ads form major businesses today fit in WoW? Part of Titan will have marketing ads from major brands in the game. So it will not be WoW 2. And WoW 2.0 was TBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    no one ever said titan was an RPG, just an MMO. it could be MMOmanythings.

    Titan is an MMORPG. It is a new IP. However MMORPG has a lot of wiggle room a new IP does not.

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    I'm 99% certain that is a prelude to the hots campaign with Kerrigan as she wakes up on a dominion ship. She quickly makes her escape from there though.

    There will be more and more info released every week up until the release of hots. Sorry to spoil and I actually wish that I'm wrong.
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    99% it's option A... hoping for option B though gief world of starcraft...

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