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  • Eastern Kingdoms

    157 33.91%
  • Kalimdor

    89 19.22%
  • Northrend

    148 31.97%
  • Pandaria

    69 14.90%
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    All four continents go to war. Who wins?

    I thought it would be fun to play a game where the four continents in Azeroth (EK, Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria) go to war with one another.

    Now, in order for such a war to work all existing races would have to shake off their faction allegiances in favor a continental allegiance. This means the Forsaken would be fighting alongside Humans, Orcs with Night Elves, etc. Also NPCs factions would contribute as well.

    So, which continent do you think would win the war for Azeroth?

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    Eastern Kingdoms
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    Kalimdor, because it has the most resources.
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    I'm gonna say Eastern Kingdoms.

    I feel the Forsaken would be a rather large asset to the EK.

    Although, i can't be certain, ofc :P
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    i would probably say Kalimdor.

    an alliance between the orcs, taurens, goblins, night elves and dreanai seems unstoppable imo :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taftvalue View Post
    Kalimdor, because it has the most resources.
    Assuming everyone on the same continent is allied together, then Pandaria easily. You have the strongest races: Mogu by their Titan device, the Zandalari trolls, which are stronger than all their troll counterparts, and the almost infinite numbers of Mantid.

    But if you include Outland then Outland wins hands down because Burning Legion > All.

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    Pandaria. The Swarms of the Mantid and the endless construct armies of the Mogu, alongside the Shado Pan, with some extra help from the Yak/Tauren things i somehow forget their names at this moment, the Jin'yu, and Hozen. You can even argue that you could include the Zandalari in this argument as they seem to have their base of power set in Pandaria. Mantid numbers, Mogu brutality, Zandalari cunning, and all of the Pandaren groups seems pretty powerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corebit View Post
    But if you include Outland then Outland wins hands down because Burning Legion > All.
    Only a tiny bit of the Legion is on Outland though, and most of them were wiped out during TBC.
    I'd lean towards Northrend, LK with no Arthas holding him back? All of the titan stuff in Ulduar? Very strong continent. This question has a very Elder Scrolls Online feel to it, I like it.

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    does the LK counts too?:P

    ingame? Pandaria :P all 85+ and higher itemlevel...

    from lore? depends on where and how they would fight... I think eastern kingdoms have better defenses but kalimdor has more resources/better races... eastern kingdoms people are more strategical and better equipped while kalimdor are more aggressive and strong...

    hard to choose between kalimdor and eastern kingdoms... On completely equal settings and a balanced set, i go with raw power, so kalimdor...

    Still war depends more on leadership, strategy, technology and terrain than actually power... attacking is completely different from defending too...

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    Pandaria, simply because of what Faerwen said.

    If kalimdor and northrend still had there old gods, then maybe, but since they don't..

    Then again given how northrend has the scourge still there, and the titan armies in the north..

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    Yes, the LK and the new Scourge count for Northrend

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    Pandaria includes the Pandaren, Mogu, and Sha?

    If so, Pandaria.
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    If it resides on the continent. Its included.

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    Pandaria, just with the endless armies of the Mantid and Mogu, it would destroy the other continents, or atleast the ''factions'' contients (E.g. EK and Kalimdor). Northrend might be a strong rival for those armies.

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    EK, they're the industrial power.
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    Northrend, I hear Algalon has some nifty codes that could help. Or does Kalimdor get credit for that? I can never keep my lore straight.

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    Pandaria, the combined might of the mantid, Mogu and the Zandalari... will dominate all.... though I'm very partial to the viking thing from Northrend. I'm going to laugh if blizz gives a 5th continent off the eastern shores of the eastern kingdoms. oops spoilers.

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    Can a war truly be won? Whatever happens, all sides have losses.

    Or, Pandaria :P
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